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Hey from Perth

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Guest highace1



Great to be here. It has been too long since i have flown an aeroplane (about 4 years ago) and i think i may have to get back into it.


I spent 3 years doing an Aviation degree at ECU mainly with the view to make it a profession but due to finances (isnt it always;) ) things got too much. With that in the past a i joined the RAAF and became an Avionics Technician, now im working on the Hawk jet trainers out a Pearce airbase.


Im on the hunt for plans or a kit for a cheap/small aircraft that will eventually become my "long term" project. All i can say i cant wait to get back in the air.


Just to add, i have mainly flown the usual 152, 172 and for aeros a R2160 (great a/c to fly). The more nostalgic ones; Piper Cub, Texan and a DC3 (2 hours in my log book for 2 weeks of work, nice reward!) About 90 hours all up, ao all the experience i can get the better.







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I am just a beginner. With your 90 hours and 2 hours on DC3 (wow !) you should have enough experience to set some magic number in dollars e.g. $ 40000.00 more or less for your future aeroplane purchase.


If you go GA then a Cesna would cost you Min. $ 40000.00 PLUS $ 10000.00 for your GA licence, but if one goes just RA, than my magic number seems to be under $ 40000.00 OVER ALL for everything including a cost of a very nice Lightwing.





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Guest highace1

The good thing is i have my PPL (expired though) so i will have to have a flight review done to get back into it.


At the moment i have an urge to have a project that wont just last me a month or two like my r/c models do so what the heck i may as well build a real aeroplane. I have found plans for a couple of ultralights/experimentals such as the Affordaplane or A-plane and the VP1 Volksplane. Both seem to be pretty easy to build but i have not yet purchased the plans for the Volksplane so im not sure yet.


I would be looking around the $10000+ for a finished aircraft, if not more. Thing may be totally different in 10 years time when i may finish it 006_laugh.gif.0f7b82c13a0ec29502c5fb56c616f069.gif


Im still doing research on things, lots of things to consider. I have found the usual websites for information but i may have to go to one of the SAAA chapters around here and have a chat. Early days yet.





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