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Hey guys i've just joined and still finding my feet (or should that be wings). I'm reviving an early driter with a dual ignition 503 pull start and an amazing amount of tolerence from Wayne Fisher (genuflect here) and Floods. Started it for the first time yesterday... Awesome, still smiling :big_grin: Ran like a charm after 6 yrs. exclamation.gif.7a55ce2d2271ca43a14cd3ca0997ad91.gif Question... uneven rev drop on the mags, No 1 drops 100-150 rpm , No2 drops 250 rpm??? is this normal ? if not any ideas?


Regards Jordy



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Guest Sabre

Don't know a lot about the Drifter ,since only been flying them for about 6 months but I noticed that one mag drops lower than the other on two drifters that I have trained in...I'm sure you'll get the right answer from the tech heads in this forum...lol....welcome



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I have a Vampire with a DCDI 503 in it, and mine does the same thing, even after pulling the engine down for a 150 hrly, new plugs etc etc, it still does it. but the drop is only 100 on 1, and 200 on the other, both well within limits according to the book



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