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Dear All,


Have been viewing these forums for a few months now and though it about time I said hello. I began flying last November with Kev Walters . Kev's flying school operates out of his strip called Lynfield (in the Lockyer Valley - 1 hour west of Brisbane) and we do alot of training at The Univ. of Qld's Gatton College airstrip. I started on the Drifter and am now using the Tecnam Sierra for cross country training. Have loved every minute of it and only wish I started years ago.


I am thinking of buying a kit plane (from the USA) and made an enquiry about importation procedures with a customs agent in Brisbane yesterday. He informed me that the wood crate would be fumigated with methyl-bromide by the Quarantine & Inspection people here in Australia (unless it was treated and certified in the country of origin) and he wondered if this could be detrimental to instrumentation or electronic components. Might there be someone who has had experience importing a kit who can offer any advice in regard to this ?


ps. I think these forums are great and offer an invaluable service to the ultralight flying community.


Thanks & regards,





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Welcome to the Forum Chris. Trust you enjoy your time here.


A buddy of mine imports a heap of stuff from Asia; he gets around the wooden crate thing by insisting that the Asian suppliers only ship in light steel frames with cardboard casing. No problems with quarantine people. Maybe speak with your factory and see what they can offer..







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