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Unusual Aircraft


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Spotted today at Rodds Bay a blimp with Holden written across the sides.


I have never seen one in this area before so took off for a closer look.


He was attempting to cruise at 1500' and doing way less than I could get down to, probably 45 kts. He appeared to be having difficulty holding altitude and was going from about 20 deg nose up to nose down quite rapidly.


He looked impressive being quite large and as he went over my home, my wife told me he was very noisy, although I couldn't hear him at all.


Would have been a nice ride I imagine as he was going over some tiger country that I prefer to keep away from and I did a low speed circuit around him, rather tempting fate.


I shall try to download a photo later.



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Guest Fred Bear

Yes, they are awesome to watch, especially in the wind, They are full of helium and those 'fans' on either side can be quite nosy. Don't know if tiger country would affect him or whether he would just bounce down it all 006_laugh.gif.0f7b82c13a0ec29502c5fb56c616f069.gif



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Hopefully the photo of the blimp will be attached to this. If not I am lost again in this computer. Hooray it worked I am becoming a computer expert, ie. unknown drip under pressure.





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The photo was taken on a 6 megapixel Nikon SLR and I saved it at low resolution, then trimmed it to get it small enough to post here. The actual photo was twice the area. I let the camera set its own speed at Old Station and ended up with very poor action photos. Having used SLR cameras for many years I am still coming to grips with the computerised style of controls.



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Great pic Yenn


This is the blimp that was causing all the fuss down here in Melbourne by flying over various sporting events that were sponsored by other company's.


Caused a hell of a flap.




John C



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