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A mate (member Snowy River Aviators) is looking at buying a Chinook with new skins & fabric, Rotax 377(see latest RA-Aus Mag ads p57 centre column bottom). He's wondering about its AUW capability. He is 105kg. Can anyone advise please?



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Guest micgrace



I'd say could be a goer, may need a CG check (weight and balancemandatory now) These things were dual seat, but were registered under 95.10 under an amnesty (from memory).


Irecall when being operated as a single seat, some guys placed the fuel tank in the rear seat area. Originally attached to the struts.


I actually haven't seen one for a long time and the last one was hung up on the side of a shed with the wings off.


The 377 bit light in power, 503 would be much better. But, again weight and balance applies. No doubt some sort of operators manual would come with this.



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These things were dual seat

While I don't profess to be an expert on all planes, I am fairly sure that most of the Chinooks brought into Australia were single seaters, originally powered by Rotax 277's (single cylinder)

Slightly later varients were powered up by using 377's, but still only single seaters, I can't see a 377 lifting even two 70 kg weaklings, let alone a couple of Aussies! keen.gif.9802fd8e381488e125cd8e26767cabb8.gif


The later two seat Chinook II's were powered by 503's, and I have flown one (in Canada) powered by an HKS flat twin.


Fairly tame aeroplane to fly, not particularly fast, good visability!


Note; Have a close look at the tail boom under the engine, an AD was required after the booms snapped on a couple in the U.S., there should be some doubler plates (in good condition) around the boom at this point.


Check also the security of the carbi('s), they should be lockwired.





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Guest Guest

hi micgrace,


i have a friend who's looking for Chinooks in any condition,the one you spotted hanging in a shed would help as would any other in any condition.should you have any info for me please forward it asap.


thank you in anticipation,





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Guest ozzie

Just to avoid confusion. There were/are two different types of Chinooks. the original (WT11) was built by Birdman Enterprises inEdmonton, Canada in the early eighties,originally a single seat rag and tube type withflexable trailing edge for roll control and powered bya belt drive277 rotax. it had a fabric and lexan enclosure covering on the airframe. a few made there way to Australia. some figures on this type are: stall 25mph cruise 58 mph 10:1 L/D ,220lbs empty. even with the 277 it performed well and could lift a heavier pilot. it also had floats as option. A two seater was also built on this style powered by the 377. It received many awards at US airshows in it's day. It was considered as a safe good handeling ultralight.


The second type is the one in the above photo is a completly redesigned Chinook now built by A.S.A.P. It is a two seater and powered by various engines. it is only similar in looks only


i cannot post a photo of the wt11 as for some reason acess is refused





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Hi, just joined. I have a Chinook WT 11 with a 377 Rotax . A single seater mfg. in 1986 and has ailerons rather than wing warp and has the factory tail tube reinforcement. I just bought to rebuild. I was wondering if any one has the engineering information on this bird? Particularly need the Datum and C of G envelope. If anyone needs photos of airframe, wings, tail feathers ,or the reinforcement tube drop me a note, though will be in the bush for a couple of months but will get back to you.


Thanks in advance





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