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Guest disperse

ive made a couple inquiries about trike costs around sydney and the figure seems to be around the $175


just after any thoughts on this......THANKS


also whats the dif between doing it under HGFA and RAA ?



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Guest Crezzi

Hello again Troy !


Schools further away from the city might be cheaper though probably not by much. The going rate around here seems to be $160 ish. Over the cost of getting your licence a few $ an hour isn't going to make a huge difference. You could consider a residential intensive course - it might work out cheaper than travelling to the school for every lesson. Have a trial lesson in a trike locally first though.


You probably won't get a lot of choice about RAA or HGFA - its whichever organisation the school you choose belongs to. There are a few minor differences between the syllabi but nothing particularly significant. Both organisations recognise each others qualifications so you can change later (or even belong to both) subject to paying the fees of course. Personally I don't think there is much to recommend either organisation as far as trikes are concerned - we don't count for much in either.


One thing to note - which ever organisations certificate you get you will only be able to fly trikes registered with that organisation (a completely pointless restriction IMO).







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Hi Troy,


I learned with a HGFA instructor so have always been HGFA licensed and our Trikes are HGFA registered.


This year I have decided to get my RAA trike license also. Like John says, RAA recognised my HGFA qualifications and from there it just a matter of paying the fees. What made me decide to join RAA is that RAA has better processes for making long x-country flights 100% legal. I'm refering to the simplified ASIC card application process (Which HGFA lacks) and the strong possibility of a controlled airspace endorsement becoming available through RAA in the future so that I could then transit all those coastal CTA's safely and legally. Another consideration is that at some point I expect I'll want to train on 3 axis ultralights, rather than toying with Hang Gliders or Paragliders under the HGFA. But not until I've had my fill of trikes for at least another 5 years.


The only drawback is that I must maintain my HGFA license to be able to fly both our trikes which are HGFA registered.


HGFA annual license, endorsements & membership fees & mag subscription approx $290.


RAA annual license & membership fees & mag subscription approx $110 (correct me if I'm wrong - I haven't reached my first RAA renewal yet, the 1st year including joining fee cost $160).







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