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  1. Been thinking about the 100hp claimed power. Could have just been a theoretical figure if it achieved the same boost at sea level as it does at 30,000ft.
  2. I prefer to use boiling water to check EGT and CHT thermocouple probes.
  3. Office building I work in is only 5 years old and the elevators say maximum is 20 people / 1,360kg. That's just 68kg per person.
  4. Thanks for mentioning that again Ray. It could be the best solution for me to get some airtime in your area.
  5. Hi Lance, Have things dried up around the Ridge yet? Lightning Ridge airport provided the most challenging landing on our northern NSW tour last year, but that could just have been the weather on the day. I think my home state NSW would score far better in this thread if you could fly coastal from Merimbula to Tyagarah without needing a PPL or higher.
  6. I think Trike-wise, 32 rego (Aka T2 in HGFA jargon) is also in, but 10 (Aka T1 in HGFA jargon) are out. Just in case you were thinking of trikes. (Probably not)
  7. I have to agree with Volksy rather than Dazza. The alternative to CASA would be the RAAF. As I understand it the RAAF owns all Oz airspace and lends it to CASA . . . or something like that. Without guessing what RAAF's policy would be wrt Private/Recreational Aviation, it comes down to the old "Might Is Right".
  8. Out of Africa was on the other night and Robert Redford plays a pilot in that. Is that the movie you're referring to? Just trying to remember to name of the lead actress as her looks remind me of my mother.
  9. While the wing is new, the name "Arrow" was shared by a much earlier wing used on Airborne trikes in the 1980's, if I'm not mistaken. I'll be watching with interest for some flight reports . . .
  10. I think it's GST rather than inflation, though I could never understand about GST being charged for fines.
  11. Hi Ian, Using an iPhone4s with iOS 5.0.1 tonight on the mobile site it has crashed Safari a couple of times. Also, posts in threads don't appear to be numbered.
  12. Thanks FT, I looked through the first few pages of this section of the forums before starting this thread but I suppose it was a few more pages back. I just noticed the website of the USA vendor I bought it from says this about their fibreglass tanks, "Internal walls of our tanks are coated with the same compound commonly used in the marine industry". I guess I'll have to ask them what that is. Cheers, Glen
  13. I'm going to be fitting a 10 US Gallon Fibreglass fuel tank to the Buzzard trike (95.10 Rego) I rebuilt a few years back as an upgrade from the existing 5 US Gallon fuel tank. http://www.recreationalflying.com/threads/buzzard-trike-restoration.6709/ The existing 5 Gallon tank is a standard Quicksilver XL tank and the new tank is marketed as an upgrade for it. I know people have concerns about fibreglass tanks and my specific question in this thread is whether I should coat the inside of the tank with some substance to prevent fine fibreglass particles getting into the downstream fuel
  14. This sort of behaviour is probably encouraged by the smartphone advertisement currently on TV showing someone using their untethered smartphone to take video and stills while skydiving, which I personally think is pretty ridiculous - just think of the wind buffeting, let alone the likelihood of loosing the phone. Personally I won't even use or mount my iPhone in my trike due to the lack of any provision for a tether. When it goes flying with me its inside a zipped up pocket of a garment that's underneath my flight suit.
  15. Hi Graham, Sounds to me like you could have experienced some sheer layer turbulence. Sometimes it's confined to a thin band of altitudes and other times its quite spread out. It's a bit of an art to tell whether bumps are due to thermals, terrain or sheer . . . but learning what to look for can help though sheer is the one that can typically creep up with little or no visual clues and can have ups and downs too.
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