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  1. Flying a Airborne Classic, starting to build from scratch
  2. Hi just a quick question, the position of the wing battens in the streak wing. When I bought my trike and was assembling it with the seller I was told that the red battens went in the right side, I remembered this as Red battens Right side from the Rear view of the trike (RRR), Reading the manual it says Red is in the left side wing but is this facing looking from the front or from the rear. :please:This is the way I have been flying it for the last 17hrs Thanks
  3. Excellent effort, I suppose he had plenty of time to dream up his next adventure in between the hairy :yikes:moments. :clap2:
  4. Will do John, I will do it via skype, I am away at work in Qld at the moment and forgot my phone charger :hittinghead:
  5. I would be interested, what would you consider reasonable price? I live 60 km's from Cowra.
  6. Need to find a trike
  7. Can anyone help me? I am interested in finding someone who may want to hire me on a long term basis (8 - 12 mths) a trike. I have just recently aquired my Certificate and plan on building my own trike but would like something to fly until mine is completed as buying one outright would not be achievable . I would be willing to cover the cost of insurance, maintenance etc., I also have access to a hangar. So if there is anyone who has a trike that is not getting used please consider it? I live in the central west of NSW.
  8. I am looking at purchasing my own helmet and headset before to long and am not impressed with the one that I use at the moment. It is a helmet with the head set as a seperate unit and has a face sheild. The band from the headset get quite uncomfortable after and hour . I have seen the integral helmet with VOX electonics advertised, even though they are rather expensive, I think the comfort would be worth the extra money, has anyone any experience with these helmets or have another solution it would be much apprieciated? David
  9. Welcome Hildy Wish I could say the same about the day job, still haven't worked out what I want to do when I grow, being 48 yo there still maybe hope you never know. While you are waiting to live the dream indulge in all this info, it is great. Hunter area great place to be moving to. David
  10. Welcome Jimmytwo, enjoy David
  11. No hail just 4 inches of snow in October who'd of thought eh!!
  12. when I was learning to hang glide my instructor told me of an experience he had had with a wedgie. One spot that they flew quite often had a resident wedgies that use to thermal and ridge soar with them but this one time he must of had enough and attached himself to the trailing edge of his wing causing small rips in the fabric then let go.
  13. Hi Will I would be interested in finding out the finer details of your experience with the EA81, like where you sourced the parts from, things to look out for, etc., as I plan on putting myself through a 0 timed rebuild of a EA81. I am planning on running in it in a scratch built trike. I am sourcing the parts for the airframe at the moment so hopefully will start building shortly. David
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