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  1. Hah! You won't see many planes flying around. Sausage day is generally a bit more popular although with the landing/taxiing/parking fees now sitting at $70 even a very reasonably priced sausage isn't luring people out...
  2. Just to keep people up to date the fees are now $20 to land, $20 to taxi in, $10 to park and $20 to taxi out again. Not exactly sure how much Mr Airport Operator Man expects to raise from the very few aircraft that are left at Goulburn. Certainly can't see it making visitors any more keen to drop by...
  3. Welcome Les! If you're ever around Goulburn airport on the first Saturday of a month around midday then swing by the BBQ at Goulburn Aviation for a sausage (if you haven't already). Just follow your nose!
  4. That's unbelievably expensive for a Gazelle! For RA-Aus you could try the Jabiru at Goulburn Aviation which is $160 per hour wet. Just need to get checked by the CFI. Or the Warrior at Goulburn Aviation is $200 per hour wet if you have a GA licence. In Canberra you could hire the Canberra Aviation warrior at $250 per hour wet. There are other options also - website for both Goulburn Aviation and Canberra Aviation is www.goulburnaviation.com.au. In Canberra a good option is also the Aero Club which hires its 172 at $200 per hour wet and they also have a range of other aircraft.
  5. Sorry for the late reply and probably no use to you now... Canberra tower is usually very happy to take pilots through - just give them a call and someone should be able to show you how it all works. The flying school takes all its pilots through on days when the weather is not so clement. The tower also runs info sessions regularly and almost always someone comes along to any aviation functions being held. Anyway just a plug for them really as they're a great bunch and keep things friendly.
  6. It is a little bizarre! Basically the airport owner feels that he is owed money from the hangar owners and the money he is owed by them dwarfs the possible revenue from the landing fees. He appears to have no legal right to charge the hangar owners and has not tried to pursue any outstanding debts through the legal system over the past 5 years. The largest hangar owner and the airport owner have been "at war" for decades. That's Goulburn Airport politics in a nutshell...
  7. Hi Graeme, Goulburn has plenty of hangerage available but you're very correct about the politics. Airport owner has called a meeting this weekend where we believe he plans to tell us that he is fencing off the rest of the private hangers. He fenced the first one off about a year ago with an aircraft still inside! He has extended an invitation to half a dozen aircraft owners to rent space in a new hanger he is constructing... On the upside there's still a bunch of passionate aviators milling around the airport so if you're looking for something to do on the first Saturday of each month Go
  8. Welcome Norman! Come visit us at Goulburn any time you're after an aviation fix or an excuse for a short nav. BBQ's on the first Saturday of every month at the Canberra/Goulburn Aviation hanger.
  9. First of all welcome to the community! A DAME is the only real way to get a definitive answer about your particular case. List of the ones near you is at: Designated Aviation Medical Examiners - ACT Dr Pitcher is a pilot himself and other pilots have recommended him. I use a DAME here in Goulburn by the name of Dr Hutchins but haven't had any medical "issues" to work through yet so can't comment on that area.
  10. Should put in a plug for Goulburn Aviation if you're after PPL or RPL - $280 per hour for the Warrior. They also do RA training in Goulburn but if you're after that then Bruce is closer.
  11. Great spreadsheet and cost break-down! I've done quite a few of these for the flying school over the years and your figures are pretty much in line with what what i've figured out for our ultralights. We factor in a little more maintenance-wise as the aircraft get a bit more usage from a vast variety of people (around $1500 per 100 hours). This allows for all the stupid things like door latches, scuff plates, lights and radio issues that seem to be constantly grounding the aircraft. It gets very scary when you start factoring in depreciation and interest costs for the initial aircraft purch
  12. It'd be nigh on impossible to make the statement "the weather was not suitable" and have it proven in a court of law - you'll get as many in the affirmative as you will in the negative. So i'm feeling that nothing will come of this catastrophe apart from a family left with no father/husband and a young boy currently sitting in an induced coma. The Avdata recordings may make interesting listening - there was a lot of chatter between the pilot and the ground on every load that went up including a fair bit of talk regarding the conditions. Video footage from a couple of locations is also avail
  13. Hi Rdavies, I'd highly recommend avoiding any reading until you've gone solo. Most instructors will teach you entirely different methods to those contained in the books. Trying to reconcile what the instructor is telling you with what you have read and your understanding of the theory really over-complicates the whole process at the start. Just get into that aircraft and when the instructor teaches you to do something listen to what they're saying and try to repeat it. Up until first solo there's really not much theory to understand anyway - considerably more important to just get a feel fo
  14. Tragedy indeed - especially when carrying a child as a paying passenger. Doesn't seem to have stopped them making money today though - they're back hard at it...
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