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  1. With a systematically disarmed population sparely distributed, and an underfunded defence force we will be powerless to stop them stepping off from their string of Pacific naval bases and taking what we have!
  2. They are NSW rural fire service bureaucrats. The blokes who do the actual work wear blue or yellow shirts and yellow coats!
  3. Did you try in an adjustable seat model or the original seat layout. I am a long bodied 189cm and fit quite comfortably in the standard seat. We fitted a 6' 9" bloke in an XL at Bundaberg airshow. He had more head space than I do but was a bit tight around his knees under the dashboard. Adjustable bucket seats are a whole different story!
  4. And hope I never will perhaps? Who knows how any of us will react until the fan goes off and the temperature rises
  5. The Flightaware track looked like two uneventful circuits followed but a wider circuit and a premature turn mid base leg before the trace ceased.
  6. The Loctite superglue GEL is better because it fills the spaces under the base and they don't peel off so easily. The nozzle is not hard to use with the Gel.
  7. I had failed to lodge my latest flight plan so I had to ring her to rectify.
  8. But the headset can do it so you must do it! That is how tech works. The call was important anyway, it was my wife!
  9. I already have an iPhone but I hate it! Going to move my sim over and try it though. I like Ozrunways much more than I liked RWY so I may have to make the move so I have backup, or I will have to buy a hybrid subscription.
  10. I use Zulu 2 headsets with my Xcom radio and I like the call priority function so I have no intention of turning it off. My problem is that the incoming calls on my Samsung phone are nearly muted when the radio is receiving but the level of the call doesn't come back up when the radio call finishes. Any clues?
  11. Bill Owen consultant emailed me on Monday and has been very communicative since. I think I have made sufficient disclosures to expect a quote in the next couple of days.
  12. A bloke I have learnt a lot from always say 'if it looks strong enough, it is already too heavy!'
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