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  1. Easier said than done these days. Thankfully borders are slowly opening. WA tonight!
  2. Hi Shajen. I have recently been through the same process with a Jab 230 in QLD. I can send you a template sales agreement (that I have used for two purchases in Australia). I'm sure you have done a fair bit of due diligence however have you checked the owners details against the RAAus or CASA databases?
  3. I'm close to getting my Jab 230 up to Newman in the Pilbara. As it is starting to heat up here, I'd be interested in what others have to say about summer flying. Obviously I will ensure most operations are early morning (especially takeoffs) and will be monitoring EGT and CHTs on all cylinders. I am also noticing an increase in willy-willy's here. These have the capability to cause mayhem for light aircraft. This ATSB report has some good info. https://www.atsb.gov.au/media/25102/AO2007060_Final.pdf. Look forward to your real world experiences and tips.
  4. https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/122474981/pilot-killed-in-light-plane-crash-at-taki-airfield-civil-aviation-authority-confirms
  5. Finally approved by CASA for ADS-B OUT from the 16th. Good on them for being one of the first next to the UK. I have ordered mine.
  6. I have been involved from a club perspective with two separate accidents (not me) and insurance has paid out each time with no fuss.
  7. Recreational aviation in Australia in the future is totally dependent on every member of a CASA approved organisation supporting their organisation. I haven't been able to fly for a few months now due to where I am located however I don't expect any leeway. Having said that, some of us will be suffering financially with job losses etc. and I would like to think they can have some breathing room in paying their subs/fees.
  8. Is stamp duty payable on aircraft sales in Australia or any particular state? I'm not finding a reference to it anywhere. If not, I hope the Minister for Removing Money from our Pockets isn't reading the forum. I couldn't believe having to recently pay a DOT fee for the privilege of paying stamp duty on a road vehicle here in WA.
  9. Another newsy newsletter from across the ditch. Included is an article about the clubs newest addition, a Tecnam Sierra P2002 ex 24-8356 from Temora. It is now a NZ LSA registered aircraft ZK-DOY. There is also an article about IBobs Savannah build which is on these forums as well. Enjoy. https://mailchi.mp/b083055886c3/aero-club-newsletter-to-january-2020
  10. I'm currently working in Newman. It was sideways torrential rain at the time with the 'eye' of ex TC Blake heading south past the town. I have always believed the runway at Newman needs to be a bit longer for this sort of thing. The last 'landing' I was a pax in ended up as a missed approach due to a 180 degrees switch in wind direction during the roundout. I had my nav app running at the time. Screenshot attached. Good on that crew for going round.
  11. A year after this, we were flying in a UN aircraft from Tehran to Dubai. Over the gulf and being radar vectored by Dubai ATC, we were told to change course by a US warship. When the captain told the warship who we were and that we were under Dubai control, they just repeated the order to change course. We duly did so and Dubai ATC adjusted the approach accordingly. At least the warship was monitoring local ATC frequencies so they must have learnt something.
  12. VH-GKI https://www.stuff.co.nz/nelson-mail/news/118177128/light-plane-crash-in-motueka
  13. Great news. Our club operates three Tecnams here in NZ. While we have never had many issues with parts out of the Tauranga service center, this move should strengthen the supply chain.
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