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  1. Update from Sportys. Changing settings on the Apple Watch is not possible. God bless America and their inches of mercury.....
  2. Thanks onetrack however that's a different app. I'm using Sportys E6B with an Apple Watch. Apparently they fixed this issue in 2011 butI can't find anywhere to change settings?
  3. Is anyone using the Sportys E6B app on an Apple Watch 3? I can't get the pressure setting to change from inHg to mB. No issues on the iPhone that the watch is synced to.
  4. Amazing they managed to crawl out of this! https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/emergency-services-at-scene-of-small-plane-crash-near-waimakariri-canterbury/IB2L3YEHE2AASBZJ3C5NV7B5QI/
  5. I used a sideslip on my PPL flight test during the forced landing initial phase, in order to position to the field I was gunning for. The examiner was impressed that I had that extra tool in the toolbox..
  6. Photos I was sent last year. Gen 4 pistons in a Gen 3 engine after approx 3 hours running. Engine now has non-Jab forged pistons with no issues.
  7. Page not found with the link however I managed to find it using search. I am reading it as saying you can with approval.
  8. Orchid Beach is on my bucket list. Love Fraser Island.
  9. Another Wairarapa Aero Club newsletter with a mix of Vampires, airshows with B-52's and Jabs in WA. https://mailchi.mp/0ebfdd79f6e5/latest-aero-club-news-1758000
  10. It will be interesting to see if CASA issues any guidance with respect to NZ PPL holders wanting to fly in Australia after the changes.
  11. The PPL privileges table from 5 April 2021 https://www.aviation.govt.nz/licensing-and-certification/pilots/pilot-licensing/ppl-privileges-by-type-of-medical-certificate
  12. Great news for NZ PPL/RPL holders. These changes were made after considerable consultation with stakeholders and the regulator (CAA) is to be applauded for taking on the feedback provided. There were some significant concessions made after the draft release. https://www.aviation.govt.nz/about-us/media-releases/show/New-medical-standard-to-make-flying-more-accessible
  13. Yep. Shows up on the ERC-L chart. I'll refer to this a bit more often. There is a lot of information out there. Its just a matter of finding where it lurks. Thanks guys.
  14. OK. Looking at my Ozrunways map, I can not see any notation referring to R131A-G. Where would I find that information including step heights PapaFox? Apologies if this is obvious to all except me. I would have thought the R designation would be on the map. PS. NAIPS doesn't give the step info.
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