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  1. Yep. Shows up on the ERC-L chart. I'll refer to this a bit more often. There is a lot of information out there. Its just a matter of finding where it lurks. Thanks guys.
  2. OK. Looking at my Ozrunways map, I can not see any notation referring to R131A-G. Where would I find that information including step heights PapaFox? Apologies if this is obvious to all except me. I would have thought the R designation would be on the map. PS. NAIPS doesn't give the step info.
  3. I have been told that the red 'blob' on the attached map near Geraldton is a satellite laser ranging station. Not a lot of info on it that I can find except for this at https://www.ga.gov.au/scientific-topics/positioning-navigation/geodesy/geodetic-techniques/satellite-laser-ranging-slr Does anyone have any references as to how one should transit/avoid this airspace? There doesn't appear to be any associated notes and its not R nor D airspace? Is it NOTAM activated? Even a 'WARNING - Deathstar may operate at any time' note would be helpful. In the meantime,
  4. Thanks all. I think the picture is a bit clearer in my head now.
  5. Absolutely old man emu. Its just that I can't find any guidance on the tolerances for RAAus registered aircraft.
  6. Thanks for your input skippydiesel. Agree on the non cumulative. Behind the curve in anything is not a good spot.
  7. Definitely got the Osram Glen. You must have a pretty good spectrum analyzer or your 230 didn't cost much 🙂 Look forward to what you find out. Kev
  8. I finally got around to installing this. (Doesn't help when you live 1200kms away from your aircraft. Does anyone have any hanger space in Newman?!) Works great from a brightness and power draw perspective however it unmutes the radios something chronic. Guessing I should start chasing earthing?
  9. I have been searching for a definitive statement on maintenance schedule latitude for 24 registered aircraft. My experience in the Eastern Isles (NZ) was 10% ie. on a 50 hr you can go out to 55 hours however its not cumulative. Does anyone know what the story is here in the western isle? The RAAus Technical Manual doesn't appear to mention it. Cheers.
  10. Another interesting idea Tasmag. As I think a non return valve would be required (to avoid this very thing in flight), a filling tap could be put in parallel with the NRV. The downside is an additional point of possible failure.
  11. Good idea. I'll see what the supplied Turtle-Pac pump does pressure wise.
  12. Has anyone installed a removeable auxiliary fuel tank in a Jabiru? I am looking at a Turtle-Pac Turtle Buddy or Big Buddy in particular. When I first considered it, I though "Great. It can plumb into the header tank!" Thinking more on it, it would be better from an operational point of view to transfer aux fuel into wing tanks as soon as room allows. That way, if there is a problem with the aux tank/pump, it will be picked up early allowing a Plan B to be put into action. Any thoughts/experience/suggestions/questions welcome.
  13. A couple of photos have surfaced of the Southern Cross at Hood Aerodrome in New Zealand c 1933. Credit to Br uce Aplin whose father took the photographs.
  14. I'll be really interested in how these go RFguy. My J230 halogen has died. I upgraded a Tecnam P2002 in NZ with an approved LED kit. Expensive however save the constant replacement of halogens.
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