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  1. The Flightaware track looked like two uneventful circuits followed but a wider circuit and a premature turn mid base leg before the trace ceased.
  2. The Loctite superglue GEL is better because it fills the spaces under the base and they don't peel off so easily. The nozzle is not hard to use with the Gel.
  3. I had failed to lodge my latest flight plan so I had to ring her to rectify.
  4. But the headset can do it so you must do it! That is how tech works. The call was important anyway, it was my wife!
  5. I already have an iPhone but I hate it! Going to move my sim over and try it though. I like Ozrunways much more than I liked RWY so I may have to make the move so I have backup, or I will have to buy a hybrid subscription.
  6. I use Zulu 2 headsets with my Xcom radio and I like the call priority function so I have no intention of turning it off. My problem is that the incoming calls on my Samsung phone are nearly muted when the radio is receiving but the level of the call doesn't come back up when the radio call finishes. Any clues?
  7. Bill Owen consultant emailed me on Monday and has been very communicative since. I think I have made sufficient disclosures to expect a quote in the next couple of days.
  8. A bloke I have learnt a lot from always say 'if it looks strong enough, it is already too heavy!'
  9. Has anyone had any response from Bill Owen insurance brokers lately? I made an enquiry last week and got no response.
  10. Surely it is reasonable to insure a home built plane for more than component cost, I am about to put $80,000 on my un-flown Savannah S. I would think that under insurance is more likely to lead to disappointment if your low insured value is further reduced by a factor for under insurance in the event of a write off.
  11. The more you have, the more the lawyers go for, particularly the No Win No Fee variety!
  12. With PBS curiously 80,000 hull cover has the same premium as 67,350 does, there seems to be tiers of premium and sweet spots with in the tiers.
  13. Would this use the peer to peer sharing function? I have done a bit with Android RWY but biting the bullet and getting a cellular ipad, just looking at sharing it onto the older wifi ipad for the passenger.
  14. Has anybody worked out how to share the GPS position of the cellular ipad running ozrunways to the passengers wifi ipad?
  15. Are you going to cut a sunroof too so you can stand up and see where you arte taxiing?
  16. ICP never stand still. Always improving. Must be hard for them to manage the parts inventory though.
  17. And with that one mention of rivnuts in this private forum I am now getting sponsored ads for rivnuts tools in my Facebook feed. How does that work? Was it the fact that I thought about the word or the fact that I typed the word?
  18. This is why we fit Rivnut nutserts and bolts on three sides of the tank covers as we build them. The only side not bolted on is along the main spar because the rivnut requires a larger hole to be drilled and this would threaten the integrity of the wing spar.
  19. If you piss in the wind, Aim down wind or you will get wet shoes when the wind speed exceeds the velocity of your stream. Haven't any of you been fishing at sea?
  20. I hope so. How are his repairs coming along? His motor is for sale on the raa classified ads so I have been waiting until I get all the paper work sorted.
  21. I had to have a LAME do a final inspection. Due to my location, he recommended extension of the 50nm test area to 60nm. So I have to fly off 25hours within that radius off my hangar then apply for full registration. Ten business days after I climb through the last hoop we should be good to go.
  22. Nearly got the paperwork beat, fingers crossed I will have a permit to fly in the next 10 business days.
  23. The Glider Tug version has quite a bit more structure than the nose wheel fuselage so they wouldn't be shy about beefing up the area around the tailwheel and forward of the CofG in the area of the forward gear.
  24. This is the factory supplied parts that I ordered with my kit. Very similar to Reg's Aerokits ones he scratch built for the two he did before ICP took it up for their taildragger. Their heavy fibreglass tip is a bit neater that the fin and rudder cap that Reg initially welded together for the job.
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