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  1. syd

    Hi bacon, do you still have the morgan fuse?
  2. syd

    Hi bacon do you still have the aircraft available, would be happy to give you a few hundred for it. Please phone 0265674685 or email [email protected] Thanks SYD
  3. bacon

    Drifter Pics

    Oh yeah, Now I remember, yes it would be very hard to get sick of.
  4. bacon

    Drifter Pics

    Hey Ausadvance I'm guessing I meet you the other morning lol. Yeah made it over the range, the cloud base got a bit higher as the day went on and that track that wayne suggested was the go!! Made for a pretty long day with the 2hr turn around then another 3hrs to make it home all a good expeirence tho, there is some beutiful country through that border loop then onto boonah. cheers bacon
  5. bacon

    Drifter Pics

    thanks Skyfox just looking at it now do you just spray it on and let it soak it
  6. bacon

    Drifter Pics

    Hey Justin I have not weighed it yet but it is a lot lighter than the ausflight drifters, I have flown both and mine leaps off the ground compared to the austflights I trained in, I've been told its around the 175kg to 200kg mark might weigh it when I get home and let you know cheers Jamie
  7. bacon

    Drifter Pics

    bugger I read up a bit about it and tried some light soap and water didn't work neither did metho. must soak in and just stay there hey.
  8. bacon

    Drifter Pics

    Hey guys & girls I've just flown my drifter back from down lismore where wayne fisher did a awesome job on it, Had all new skins fitted, new 69L fuel tank, new tail post fitted, found out the old one was bent after I bought it, a new higher wind screen fitted ( which still is too low for me think I need to fit a lower seat) and new sleeved landing gear. I even found a hangar out at home (dalby) for it too live in so was definetly a good xmas. Also does anyone know how to clean oil off dacron some dripped off the oiled air filters on the way home and landed on the new tailplane. So
  9. Hi turtle Drifters going well Im flying it down to wayne fisher on my next break to get the new skins fitted and it will be nearly brand new, I ended up swapping oils and running with the castrol as thats what everyone else in town is using and we have a dealer that stocks it. Cheers Jamie
  10. Hi Pete Where abouts in toowoomba makes these tanks, im trying to get one for my drifter. cheers Jamie
  11. Yeah that hamburger would taste like rubber compared to the feeling of achieving weight loss.
  12. Hi guys I haven't lost anywhere near as much weight as crazy diamond thats just a wicked effort 100kg, But I've been using optifast shakes to lose weight over the past month I have lost over 10kgs and feeling great. Im not sure how healthy it is but it works and im eating more fruit and vege than I have ever eaten, Substitute two meals a day with the shakes and then I just eat fruit and vege to keep full, and get to have a prober meal for tea nice simple low calorie dinner. I've tried many things to lose weight this is the first to work, but it all comes back to put less in than you burn an
  13. Going to have to wait and see I guess, the deeper I dig tho the worse it seems to get in that same forum I had the link to they are trying to get solid figures out of jan about installation weight which he will not give a defiant answer, could be a lot heavier than he is claiming on his website. Time will tell, I did send him an email earlier today to try and get some more info and figures off him and he sent back a very short email telling me everthing is on the website, and i can sign up to the yahoo forum that he controls, he won't let any negative comments thru so hard to get a good idea o
  14. I have been doing a bit more searching on the internet to find some more information about the engine, And have come across a few forums over in america about the dealer Jan and some of his earlier associations with another motor and his business attitude in general http://sonexbuilders.net/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=63. A link to one of the forums. Has anyone else heard anything about him from a more reliable source how did you find him to deal with bruce. Can't find anything bad about the engine so far, tho it has only had 200 or so hrs put on it in a few different aircraft from what I can fin
  15. The other day i was going to go for a flight in my Drifter and found some broken strands of wire on my top wing wires, Had to can the flight get some new ones made up and fitted them up the other day all good now
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