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Guest disperse

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I think it IS real. Look at the smoke coming off the nose wheel tyres. You don't get that effect on models. Models are too light and come in too slow.


Also, stop the film when the striped building and the power poles are in the frame. They aren't models.


I'm pretty sure that a shortish aircraft, such as the one shown, could behave like that, given the conditions.


For example, the first impact of the nosewheel results in a bounce that slams the tail back, which in turn bounces back, aided by the slipstream, which, naturally, is forcing the tail level. As the velocity of the aircraft decreases, the wind becomes less of a factor and the plane finds its correct attitude.


Looks as if the wind was strong and gusting at the time of landing. I'll bet the pilot cringes when he sees this video. I also wonder if he's stiill flying.



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Guest disperse

YES THATS IT thanks.......as for it being real if you look carefully before the smoke comes of the front wheel the sparks do as it drives the landing gear into the ground........bit of damage i think


I,ve been wrong before and it could happen again.....



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