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Hi Folks, As seems to be the case, I've been cruising the board over the last month or two. What a great resource for the aviation community and interested parties alike. Hats off to Ian and the many contributors that makes this site successful. A bit of background, I,m a student pilot with Freedom Flight in North Tassy, over 40 ish, currently solo in the Jabs. Every flight day is a red letter day, so much so that my sweetheart and wife has begun her pilots licence as well. We have imported a Zodiac 601 from Colorado USA and are getting close to finalizing reg, condition reports etc. It has now been inspected and signed off so can't be long to it's first Australian flight. I'll try and be an active member rather than a fly on the wall. Cheers for now, Rod



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Hi Sabre,


Must say I will be pleased to tell you how she handles in due course. Specs are one thing, how they fly is another. It was N numbered in US, has a well appointed panel with a Jab 2200 life line. Funny to buy a Canadian plane from USA with an Australian motor.


For now Sabre.



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Welcome Sabre.


Unusual to see a 601 with a Jab 2200 engine. It will be interesting to see how it performs and how reliable it is in comparison to the Rotax 912.



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Jabby 601


Hi Yenn,


Engines?? Jabiru / Rotax, Rotax / Jabiru. There have been wars started over less of a subject. Aviation seems like a continual comprimise between weight, speed, climb, drag and complexity. I suspect the Jab will lose out to the Rotax in climb / power and thrust but gain in fuel efficiency, lower installed weight and less ancillary components and complexity. She is swinging a Sensernic 62" composite 2 blade prop which did a good job of dragging locked wheels and two large blocks through the grass on run ups recently.


How's your starlet? a fast plane! Your cruise is my VNO. Are you running VW or a custom?


Appreciate the chat, I'm just starting to get into the board thing!!



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