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Has anyone got Aus contacts for 8.00" rounded aviation tires and tubes. The ones fitted to my Zodiac are a square section, thin animals that want offing. Thanks Rod



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This is a bit off-the-wall, but why not try the people who supply tyres for the go-kart racing fraternity? They might have something the right size and speed-rating, profile, tread-pattern etc.


Failing that, go to the Aircraft Spruce & Specialty website, see what they have there in the way of tyres (which the Americans insisit on spelling "tires", owing to their determination to re-make the English language in their own image), then contact Australian distributors for AS&S co.


Or, just do a web-search for aviation-grade tyres and narrow your search down from there.


You could also ring Dunlop, Goodyear and Michelin and ask if they have tyres suitable in the size you are looking for...or just look at their websites.


Finally, in absolute desperation, I'd approach other aircraft owners and ask them where they get their tyres from.


Sooner or later, one of these options has to "cook-off".



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Thanks Dieselten,


Yes Spruce has got them but I like to shop local if possible / affordable. I did not know there was a AS&S distributor in Aus. I will check it out.


Got to go before I get to tyred. God Bless America.



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