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Ethanol and fibreglass resin

Guest micgrace

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Guest micgrace

Hi all.


There is likely to be a problem with ethanol/petrol mix fuels and fibreglass fuel tanks. Has anyone come across a suitable ethanol/fuel resistant resin that won't suffer degradation? This also applies to fuel tank sealant.





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Guest Juliette Lima

Hi Micgrace,


Care to look in the RA-Aus forum for an update on the 2% Ethanol mandate for fuel sold in NSW from September 2007.


In respect of your concerns there is already substantial evidence of problems with boats and contaminated fuel systems.







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If things do start to go wrong maybe a class action brought as against the Government and fuel companies may put the cat amongst the pigeons.


To my way of thinking there was not enough consultation between the appropriate parties as to the effects of the unwanted brew.


But notwithstanding the powers to be know the side effects of ethanol in certain applications but choose to ignore it because the commercial inconvenience to some is by far outweighed by their gain.


But what happens when it's not just a commercial loss that is being suffered by a few but the use of ethanol eventually results in the loss of a human life.







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