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Dry Sump


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Has any one Dry Sumped an engine.


We are converting a Suzuki G13b to fit in a CH701. We are looking for a 12Volt electric scavenger oil pump to return the oil to the holding tank. I have searched the web and can only find mechanical pumps. I am led to believe that this type of pump will decrease the HP of the engine. Can any one shed some light on this subject. :;)5:


Thank You





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Guest micgrace



Only use a mechanical pump for scavenging purposes. Only reliable method. If you actually want to see one set up just go to Garramax in Brendale they used to have an ex race engine on display. (Haven't been there lately)





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Oil scavenging- dry sump.


If the tank is below the engine, gravity will do it for you,(as in the Gipsy Major 1c) If you want to help the oil along use a large pipe ( at least 3/4 ID) and let the engine blow- by vent through the oil tank. the only disadvantage with this is that the oil has to be raised to the pressure pump, but that is often the case where the pump is in the accessory case anyhow. Simple is best.. N...



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Just to continue with this, The return pump would not use much power because while I would recommend that the capacity of the pump should be at least 3-times the flow of the pressure pump, It is doing no work as with proper sized return lines the back pressure would be negligible, especially when the oil warms up which is the majority of the time. I would not use an electric pump, because if it fails, the tank contents will end up in the motor very quickly and once the oil tank is empty,.Air will enter the oil system and the engine will fail very shortly after. Where to drive it from? wELL in the old days it came off the camshaft drive sprocket directly. I think I would consider a well set-up small toothed belt, driven anywhere convenient to where the oil system routing was convenient, and a drive source is available. If you drive off the camshaft directly the alignment must be very precise You will need a good seal on the drive end of the pump if it's belt driven, as internal pressures can exceed output pressures sometimes nev....



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