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Trike + BRS chute = Pain

Guest brentc

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Guest brentc

Found this tonight. I have no idea what happened to the pilot of this thing, however it must have hurt, a lot.




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Well, that's Nanolight Trike for you.


I went forward to the next video of a crash due to EFATO. . . the motors they use leave a lot to be desired.


They'd be a lot better off using the Rotax-288 single cylinder 28hp motor, assuming that's had the same engineering development as the early 503's & 582's.


They also don't seem to have been trained to keep landing areas within glide distance . . .







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Darren, those BRS chutes can be a blessing but also a big danger in certain circumstances.


Mate of mine had a heavy hit in a Quicksilver and it broke and seperated the airframe at a point where the cable for firing the rocket motor was routed and it cause the cable to pull tight and fire of the rocket.


End result, the instructor received a severely burnt arm.


Close call because a few inches to the right and he could have lost his head.


I think my mates bumb got scorched.







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