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Importing a kit

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Has any one imported a kit from the USA. I would like to bring one in but i am having difficulties in finding out any information on the right company to use and what cost would be incurred.


If so who did you use to transport the kit.


How much did it cost. :;)5:


Thank you





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I brought in a Rotorway Helicopter kit from Texas via Longbeach and Hamilton (Brisbane) a few years back as well a numerous motor vehicles prior to that .


It depends on the volume you are shipping and who you go through. Last time I went through Al Montana in Longbeach and would recommmend his service- if he is still operating.





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Kit Import




I have brought in a 601 XL kit and also a corvair motor both times I have used C & H Freight 03 9330 0800. I have been very pleased with the service I got.


Cost the Kit was about $5000 inc GST 2 Years ago


Cost Motor was about $1000 in GST





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