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  1. It is a 601 but we have put the 650 canopy on it. So it is realy only a 601. Ian Ratcliffe Brisbane Australia.
  2. I hope you have a great time building. Mine has just flown for the first time and it flys well. Ian Ratcliffe CH 650 XL-B Brisbane Australia
  3. There are two at Watts Bridge near Brisbane. One in a Zenith 601 and the other in a Zenith 750. Parts are very cheap and in plentiful supply but you will have to import from USA. Plenty of places to order and delivery is usually very fast and at the right price.
  4. Hi Ian, Just wondering how your corvair powered 601 is going. I have a rebuilt corvair ready to go and have just purchased a set of plans for a 601 xl. Cheers.
  5. Bugga my wife wont let me go this year. Have a great time. Remember! God shoes, hat, sun screen and water. Long hot days.
  6. ianrat

    New 701 Builder

    Brendon we have a 701 - 601 - and a 750 in the brisbane area. The 701 is flying the other two are to fly this year. Our kits took about 6 weeks from factory to Brisbane. You are quite welcome to come and visit anytime. Ianrat Ch601 XL B Brisbane
  7. The 601XL - B has a modified wing ,centre wing carry through, aileron counter balances and other modifications. To my knowledge there has been no other wind failure to a modified 601XL. There was also a large pilot education on the proper flying ability of the aircraft and maintenance of thing like control cable tensions. This was also a problem with the 601. Looks like it all has been fixed now.
  8. ianrat

    701 vs Savannah

    Just left the Zenth factory and had a chance to fly the CH 750. Few like a dream and much bigger than the CH701. We had a good look over the new CH 750 Cruise while we were there. They are just about ready to ship the first kits out. No slats but the leading edge has been brought out further to compensate for no slats. Flys faster than the standard 750.
  9. We are off to Oshkosh in two weeks. If the wife lets me go after Oshkosh we will be there. See ou there. Ianrat CH601 XL-B Brisbane
  10. Hi there Scotty. I sent my carby over to the states and then picked it up while at Oshkosh. This was about 4 years ago and at the time i think it cost me about $50.00 to send by Aus Post. They do a brilliant job on them. For $200.00 it looks like they are sending back Fedx. Ask if they will send back by USPS. that should only be about $50.00. I looked at a company at the airport on the sunny coast and he wanted $1000.00 to rebuild it including the kit. (no way) Hope you plane is coming along. Ianrat CH601 XL-B Brisbane
  11. I see your location is Watts Bridge, so is mine but I can't place you??? Cheers Bob Dennis
  12. It has been awhile since i got the carby from him, but he was very good to deal with. He even delivered the carby up to Brisbane for me at no charge. He had a warehouse and a lot of containers full of parts back then. Ianrat CH601XL-B Brisbane
  13. I think "Aviation Air Parts" is the place you are looking for. He was in Nerang when i bought a carbie from him. He was in the industrial estate just off the highway. The last no. I had for him was 0417 710 481 and fax 07 5596 2594. Hope this helps. Ianrat CH601XL-B Brisbane
  14. We are going this year, this will be our 4th visit. Definitely a must do. We stay at the University of Wisconsin. Not the Hilton quality but also not the Hilton prices. Only $65.00 per room per night (sleeps 2). Buy a big fan from Walmart for under $20.00 ( We just leave them there when we come home). Meals at the canteen ( breakfast and dinner) at around $8.00 to $12.00. Bus right from the uni door to the airfield and back for $20.00 for the whole week. Ianrat Ch601xl-b Brisbane.
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