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  1. I use Racetech. Use to use Performance Metals but after being sold a number of years ago have found them to be useless.
  2. Try building a 1928 design from plans drawn by the designers mate in 1933....?. I also just picked up a Rainbow Cheetah which is the older Brother of your Bushcat.
  3. No I have been offered one to buy and I wanted to try and get some history on it first.
  4. Don’t think so...? It has Aust Performance Prop stamped on the hub.
  5. Has anyone heard of “Australian Performance Props”? I can’t find anything online about them.
  6. My personal experience is I put a post up, a select few pick it to bits and just come out with BS comments. Makes me not want to visit or post. I visit maybe a dozen times a year when bored or not building my planes. I stay in touch with a select few on Facebook. The ones I enjoy socialising with.
  7. My Brother in NZ is involved with this https://www.facebook.com/WiresKillPilots/ They fly the markers up by drone and hang them on the wires.
  8. I have recently got my Cheetah-XLS which is the BushCats older brother flying. I have a steam gauge ASI and a MGL panel and no Static line per say. It just vents in to the cabin. Both read within a very close tolerance. I wouldnt worry about it.
  9. Thanks mate. Yes did see those. There is a mob in NZ too. Just seeing if anything local. Appreciate your response.
  10. What are folk using for prop spacers? Is there a supplier in Australia? I need one to fit between a Rotax 912ULS and a Bolly prop hub. Approx 60-70mm long. Asked Bolly when ordering the prop and they said they dont do them. Do people get them custom made for their projects or is there a readily available source? Scotty
  11. Thanks Guys. Lots of good information. Im tossing between the Kiev and the Bolly. Scotty
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