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APEC briefing Bankstown


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Not me. I am betting that Aug 30 - 10 Sep will be so damn windy none of us will want to fly anyway.


I confidently expect the worst westerly winds ever experienced on the east coast, with winds of 275/120 at FL280-600 and heavy chop all the way from 5000feet upwards. 60-90kt gusts at SFC, day and night.


I am hoping the APEC delegates get to experience what wild Spring weather on the Aussie east coast is really all about! ;)



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Not only the delegates, but the desktop Air Nazis who are denying us the skies..


I notice they have hired a former Network 10 newsreader to be the 'voice of patience and PR' for Sydneysiders.. I wonder just how folks will react when the city is in lockdown once Dubya and Putin arrive....





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Guest Fred Bear

A good thing will be if all the flying schools affected in this restricted area will claim for lost revenue. I know I would be.



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