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Model With Moveable Control Surfaces For Training

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Need some assistance with where to purchse a Model Aircraft With Moveable Control Surfaces, Such as one finds in our clubs for the instructor to teach with or at least attempt to explain what should be happening when you are airborne!


Thank You Guy



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I recently assembled such a model for our local school. It was purchased from the local hobby shop. Actually intended to be an electric powered radio controlled model. It came with aileron, elevator and rudder, I did some mods to create flaps. I also fitted a small electric motor to spin the prop slowly.


It is a PC-9 in Roulettes colours, but there are lots of options available. It is a little larger than most class room models, but does that really matter?


Cost was around $100.00



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Guest Decca

training aid


Hi Guy. Congrats on your new Senior Instructor title.


This model you’re after if you don’t need it RIGHT now ask your local LAME/L2 to get their apprentice to knock up a sheet metal version or alternately the local welder’s apprentice to use steel tubing/flat steel to produce a model with hinged controls.


Ballarat aero club have one of each - I’ll get photos tonight and pm them.





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Guest disperse

if you go to a forum on model R/C planes .......and check out the for sale section . also a number of online hobby shops are around and will mail to you


but personaly .....E-BAY ......yeah lets hear it for e-bay:clap:



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