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  1. Thank's, I do have a circuit diagram if it would help anyone !
  2. Would anyone know where one can find a replacement Dacom intercom for Skyfox aircraft, or at least one which will plug in to replace the original, or can someone build one? Cheers Guy 0408 859697
  3. Hi There, could anyone help me with a (preferably electronic) copy of the Gazelle 25n 100 hourly schedule please. Have one However it is written all over ! Thanks Guy [email protected]
  4. Welcome MBK, drop in at Temora for Natfly on your'e way past! or just for a coffee/tea, cool beverage etc !
  5. Very interesting Owen, Thanks for that Have you seen the Martin Jet Pack out of NZ, very interesting also! All the Best for 2012!
  6. Maj, does that mean you have been CATastrophically overcome? ! They tell me Ag Pilot's go lower and slower!
  7. Sound's a bit CATastrophic to me!
  8. Welcome Flying Mum, nice to see you for a change! Especially during Summer!!! Cheers Guy:thank you:
  9. Hey Darky Go for it Girl, as you have already stated, you will do the course then consider if you wish to teach! Would it be possible to start with teaching Navigation to those who already hold a certificate? May be a way to build into the the whole teaching regime, find your style and become confident at it! I only came to RAA and gained my instructor rating after many thousands of hours flying GA, however came from a gliding back ground where I had gained an assistant instructor rating at a relatively early stage in my flying career. Still only have 120 hours gliding including
  10. Hey Motz, you have done a great job there! Was wondering how the heck you get the aircraft to bop in time with the music! on mid final! Looked pretty cool! Very Good
  11. Absolutely fantastic Video, and a Great Weekend thanks to Simon and his team! Having learnt to fly at Tumut in the eighties it was fantastic to come and visit and feel so at home! We had just the best time, Thanks to all who made it possible! ps that's my kids in some of the shots flying Simons daughter's Mustang!!!! What a great little machine!
  12. Great to Hear things are coming along! Are you going to let him have a little sleep at some stage? Sounds like the calendar will be pretty full !
  13. Training must start soon! looking forward to some the awesome results, maybe he will do some nav's to Temora for the Warbirds Downunder in November! Do drop in for coffee or if it is after flying!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Hi Carol just down the road, we would like to assist!
  15. DI, Be quicker than coming down he Freeway!!!!!!!!!!! well maybe! If the wings fold we will make a space for it under our roof! or maybe park it on top of something else!
  16. Very Sad ! what the Heck is happening ! are there any common factors with any of these events in recent time's! Really, what is going on? The challenge being we really do not know! Because we were not there! HOW DO WE LEARN FROM THESE EVENT'S ????????????????????? May be Altitude or attitude!
  17. How would you figure out where to look, with all those things! Which one is the DVD player?
  18. Sounds like opening the throttle in the Foxy!!
  19. Which C210 engine does it have, maybe the earlier ones were only 250/285 hp or other! You'll love it Tomo! will this be the fastest you have flown to date ?
  20. Looking Forward to the Test Flight Video's, Great Stuff. A few Training Video's with Motz will be good as well! Ulti has a great Camera, maybe he has updated it and the old one is lying round gathering dust! I have one you are welcome to, However it is not HD!:chat:
  21. HH glad it was his hat and not yours, had to loan someone mine once! still better than cleaning up the mess!!!!!!
  22. When is the test flight! Pretty cool Stuff!
  23. Hi Was wondering if anybody has useable airstrip @ Yass ! Need to come over for an appointment, need a ride to town, Wed! Good excuse to fly, need to be able to land Skyfox or C182, preferably 182 Guess we are not allowed to use those big piece's of concrete which go past! Cheers Guy
  24. Very Cool! Welcome We need more fella's like you committing aviation, Go For it!!
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