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  1. Hi Kaz! Life is going well now, just got back into flying 2 months ago after 3 years on the ground for various reasons (money/time continuum). Not flying the Hughes any more, had 3 lessons but it was too expensive at $500 a pop. Now a happy defector to Coldstream airfield and I'm really enjoying the social side. Have done about 11 hours (4 solo) getting back up to speed, hoping to do my BFR in the next week or two :)
  2. I highly recommend Coldstream. Great aircraft, great instructors, friendly atmosphere and a flying club that actually do things (comps, friday night pizza etc). Previously I was flying at Lilydale but it didn't have the same 'community' I've found at Coldstream
  3. Are still about have not heard from you for ages,as if you have just evorated Regards, Keith Page
  4. Just to check: 1. I can't use my PPL without an ASIC, correct? Even if I'm going nowhere near anywhere security controlled 2. If I let my ASIC lapse for a while, my PPL won't lapse as well? It's not linked? I realise I can't use it, but I won't lose it, yes? Cheers
  5. So, apparantly it's time for me to renew that lovely piece of plastic that costs me $190 and I use about once a year. I have two questions: 1. If I let it lapse, can I renew it later or do I need to reapply? Is it difficult to reapply once it lapses? Only asking because I don't think I'll be flying on my PPL for the next month or two (trying to build up finances) so wouldn't need it and trying to delay having to pay $190... 2. As a lawyer, I can certify/witness documents. For the ASIC renewal, I need to get my photos "endorsed". Reckon they'd accept it if I "endorsed" my own?
  6. Yeah I realise that, sorry. I think they need to be. I was just trying to put down a thought (while I still had it) that should be (or probably has been) considered if this is to go ahead :)
  7. Even if the ATSB becomes responsible for investigating RA-Aus accidents, they already have a limited budget and have to choose what to investigate, I have a feeling RA-Aus will be towards the bottom of the priority list, would there be an allowance for RA-Aus to investigate should the ATSB choose not to?
  8. How do you fit the Akubra in the plane? I don't think I could wear mine comfortably in the Jab, I'd most likely keep banging the brim on things I reckon. I hit my head on the sun visor in the Warrior at the best of times, the perils of having to sit so far foward to reach the pedals I guess...
  9. I have a Citizen Hawk Red Arrows edition - http://www.pooleys.com/prod_detail.cfm?product_id=2014. Not sure what it costs here but I purchased in the UK. I haven't used the whizz wheel function in flight yet, but it's good a good easy to read face with markings for each minute, very easy to read during navs. Technically a mens watch but I ignore stuff like that...
  10. At the time it was more frustrating than scary. I know I can land, it just wasn't coming together enough for to what I considered a safe landing. Although it's a licence to learn (and it *definitely* is) the confidence boost in my flying I got from getting my licence gave me the confidence to say in situations like that "I know I can do this, I passed a skills test showing I can do this, so just get it together Darky, ok?". Don't read that as overconfidence, because I am definitely not overconfident about my flying, but just that confidence inside that I've landed lots of times before so I jus
  11. If you're not sure, do at least one nav flight to see what it's like. I fly from the same valley you do and it is beautiful, but getting out of there is even more amazing and knowing Australia is at your fingertips (essentially). Just be aware that you'll likely spend most of nav training feeling like you're constantly about one minute away from a nervous breakdown (at least, I felt that way), but once I did my first solo nav and realised I could do it solo, it was all worth it. My first solo nav is my most prized flying memory, even more than my first solo. :)
  12. I had days like that when I was training and now I've got my PPL I still have days like that. Especially in the Jab, I've had times when I've had to do three go arounds in a row because I just couldn't get the landing together. You'll get there :)
  13. My favourite is A Town Like Alice On the Beach is probably second
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