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Been a 'rough week' around Brisbane...


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The Courier-mail


Brisbane Queensland


23 July 2007


A pilot has walked away uninjured from a light plane crash north of Brisbane.


A police spokeswoman said the man's plane took off from Caboolture Airfield about 1pm (AEST) today, but crashed into trees at the end of the runway.


The sole occupant was freed from the wreckage and received no injuries.




ABC News


Caboolture, Queensland


Man escapes injury after light plane crash


Mon Jul 23, 2007


A 73-year-old man walked away uninjured when his light plane crashed into trees.


A Buderim man has walked away uninjured from a light plane crash at Caboolture airport, north of Brisbane, this afternoon.


The 73-year-old was the only person on board the homemade, two-seater kit plane when it crashed into trees.


Police say the plane appears to have had engine problems on landing, forcing the pilot off the runway







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This incident was shown on TV. Poor chap spent years building his plane only to have it smashed on it's maiden flight. I was wondering if any of you know him. He said he wouldn't be building another one, Says he hasn't got enough years left to complete it. I guess there's a motto here. Don't carry out maiden flights near anything that isn't a paddock or field.


Safe flying everyone, Doug



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.........and use a known aero engine not half a Mazda Rotary!


He could have spent a few extra on a Rotax or Jabiru, and saved plenty later.


I do feel for him though. If his insurance pays up, he should just go buy something and fly it.





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Be realistic...




J430, you said (rather unkindly, I think...) "He could have spent a few extra on a Rotax or Jabiru, and saved plenty later" A FEW EXTRA? For most home builders, the cost of a Jabiru or Rotax is completely out of the question. Triple or quadruple the4 cost of other engines. There is nothing essentially inferior with auto conversions. However, what he COULD have done is to test his fuel flow better - because I suspect he had fuel problems - most cases of this sort essentially boil down to fuel-related issues. Engines seldom stop turning if they have gas and spark. And it's usually gas...


Bottom line however - what a terribly tragic thing to happen. I can only imagine the loving care and attention to detail which went into building that airplane - and to lose it on the first flight must be heart-breaking.


The only more tragic thjing would have been for him to have lost his life. Thank goodness he walked away unharmed.





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No - but does it matter?




No, I didn't notice that the thread is from 2007 - but does that change the sentiments expressed?


I'll make sure I don't comment on stale threads in future. 006_laugh.gif.0f7b82c13a0ec29502c5fb56c616f069.gif







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we just had a similar fatal accident when one builder took off on his maiden flight and within 5 minutes crashed. this was a new engine in his plane not a total build and he told his wife he was just going to go and do some checking, did not tell her he planned to fly as there was no one at the airport. sure caused us a lot of anguish.



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