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Circuits In The Lsa 55

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The following video was my first lesson on a few months, and also my second lesson on the Jabiru LSA 55. It is a bit more difficult to fly but once you get used to it there are less issues. My first landing was pretty dodgy, second was even worse - It resulted in a go around, the first time I've done this. Basically I flared to high, started sinking to fast and went to put on a bit of power to slow the sink rate, however I put on too much power and climbed about 10 feet. By this time I was too high, and the slight crosswind had pushed us way to the left so I figured this landing wasn't going to get any better and so went around. After a demo landing from my instructor the rest of the landings I did improved dramatically. Now I just need to get over my allergy of that centreline....




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