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Hello All

Guest kermet

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Guest kermet

Hi there from this side of the Ditch, Great web site you have here and alot of


good info....keep it up!


At the moment I'm flying a B22 Bantam Rotax 582 from a friends farm,owned it for nine years,great little aircraft, the paddock is a little short but heaps of room for the Bantam


heres a video on youtube showing takeoff and landings










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Guest David C

Brett ,


Welcome to our site . I am a Bantam fan also . You are quite right ,they are a great little aircraft , however , my usual mount is sidelined at the moment with engine problems . Looking forward to your posts , and thanks for sharing your video with us . Safe flying ahead .


Dave C



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Welcome Brett,


Great video clip. The little Bantam is real quick off the deck.


By the way, there appears to be a few tufts of grass you missed with the lawnmower. Flyings a lot of fun, but don't get slack in doing your chores,now.


I'm only kidding, you don't have to watch the clip again to check it out.:)


Keep the posts coming and you will get a lot out of this brilliant site.







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