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What do you pay?


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Canberra through Aero Refuelers is normally $1.65, Goulburn through the same company (Aero Refuelers) is normally $1.55...somehow it's cheaper in the country???


Haven't quite figured out if the Anabelle Prinicple means it's worth the flight to Goulburn to fill up or not :)


For those wondering what the Anabelle Principle is, I think it's from an AAMI ad where a dad and his daughter (Anabelle presumably) are driving around looking for the cheapest fuel, daughter chimes in with "...the further we drive, the cheaper the fuel needs to be, I call it the Anabelle Principle" very funny ad.







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Guest brentc

$1.60 at Tooradin. Slightly cheaper at Moorabbin ($1.52?) if you can afford the $7 landing fee and $6 parking for the Jab. Hardly worth the Annabel principle at Moorabbin.



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$1.53/L here in the southern tip of WA. Taking off the 6cpl that results from having an SAAA / Air BP card - that makes it a net $1.47/L.


Premium ULP is about $1.39 - $1.44/L so there's not really much in it.


happy days,



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