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self launching gliders


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As an indicator there is a 1987 DG400 self launcher available in Nth America with 2473 hours @ $US87,000.


I'll see if I can find my latest Gliding Mags and post whatever else is listed here and in the US.


Regards Geoff



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You are right Paul and there are several Motor-Gliders in the market.


The key decision appears to be whether you want to have a self launcher withTOP class sailplane performance. If you do then it costs an arm and a leg for that latest performance and something like an ASH 25 or a Stemme is needed.


S/H 5 year old Stemme's are about $US210,000 or so.


But if you will accept the somewhat reduced Sailplane performance of atypical "Motorglider" then prices are back somewhere near Ultralight levels.


Regards Geoff



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FYI - Following are 5 posts on PIK20's from a Soaring Forum that I inhabit.


It looks like there is some relevant info there.


Hope this helps.


Regards Geoff




I am wondering what people think about Pik 20D as a first ship. Any thoughts?


I am looking for a something in the $20k range that will be fun to fly cross country and will not be a particular hassle to own. Pleasant flight characteristics, comfortable, stays up on less-than-perfect days, just basically a nice plane to fly. Does this describe a 20D?


Where do you Pik owners get parts?


Anything to watch for when viewing Piks for sale? Any other advice?








I'm sure most D models are fine but do read Johnson's flight report (26-1979-01.pdf). There's some evidence that the wing mould had warped over time and the wing was manufactured around 6% thicker than it should be resulting in poorer performance than earlier B version.


Another thing to look for is cracking in the wheel retract mechanism (the wheel hangs down a little and this gets worse over time). There's more detail and some useful links at:




There's been similar recent discussions on the forum (try a search).


cheers JR




And check out Jim Tsillas's PIK web site,








The model B is rated "experts only" by Piggott because of its flaps-only configuration. I have owned a D for some years. It is the most forgiving ship I have ever flown. Parts can be a problem. I think that you might be under-budgeted if you are west of the Rockies.





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Hi Crew


An unusual sight a motor glider from Flinders University at Narrandera aerodrome doing research on water use by crops in the irrigation areas near here and elsewhere and also on dry land crops. The pods hanging underneath the wings have terabyte storage capacity in their hard discs and they land periodically to download the data. They have been to selected sites all over thr MIA and around Wagga and further south. Sounds like the South Australians are getting ammunition for the more water for Adelaide argument. They were staying at Yanco Agricultural Insitute while they were flying out of Narrandera.















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The Flinders aircraft is piloted by Prof. Joerg Hacker. He was the temp trace pilot for the 1987 world gliding championships at Benalla, where I was also working (at a somewhat younger age to what I am now:crying: ) with Wally Wallington doing wind measurements via baloon tracking with a theodolite.


I was fortunate to do a temp trace flight in Joerg's cramped up Grob 109b at the time. It was just as packed with electronic wizardry as the aircraft above, though the amount of info collected and quality of it in the current aircraft will far have exceeded the data of days gone by.


They were some fun days.





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Hi all,


Anyone looking for the ultimate between motor glider and light aircraft you at the right price contact Lambadaman and I think you will be pleased with what he can tell you.


I bought his Lambada and there is one other that he has sold in Australia, it is a magic machine. the best of both worlds.







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