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Air Mail re-enactment Melbourne-Sydney July 2014

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Hi all: I am no pilot, but am addicted to aviation history and have got a very exciting voluntary job /


In 1914 Maurice Guillaux came to Australia with his Bleriot XI 'looper' to make lots of money giving aerobatic displays. He succeeded, and also flew Australia's first seaplane and most importantly Australias first air mail and air freight flight from Melbourne to Sydney in July 1914. He took 2 and a half days to do the 582 miles in 9 hops. I belong to the Aviation Historical Society NSW and we are co-ordinating the re-enactment. If you go to www.australiasfirstairmail.com and follow the links to history or the 2014 program you will get the idea, but as I am the complete IT section it is quite inadequate. More and more aviators are joining in. If you want to get our newsletters email me [email protected] and if you are interested in taking part we would love to hear from you.


I am the secretary, co-ordinator or whatever you would like to call me.


Tom Lockley



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