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  1. I have the Arlo cameras that don’t work off the mobile system and they are an awesome bit of gear. Perfect picture quality and the ability to watch in real time from anywhere with internet is a big plus. their units that are on the mobile system look to be just as good and I intend to get one before too long. I can certainly recommend Arlo as a good quality product.
  2. I have flown into Coolah a couple of times with our local aero club. I can’t remember what phone service was like on the ground. It is a nice enough strip to land on but is a fair way out of town. I would use it as a break stop but not as much a fuel stop. Depending on which way you were going Gunnedah or Quirindi or Coonabarabran may be better options. i am a local at Quirindi and am more than happy to chat about the different options if you like. My mobile is 0427 eight three six 582 regards Sam
  3. I hope that isn't ELAAA's information policy in the future Keith!Saying you need to explain yourself and then doing that by saying work it out yourselves seems to be as much double talk as pollies feed us. I can understand there are times there will be no new info and I can understand at times things like websites won't work or get hacked but a simple statement every now and then would go a long way to explain matters. I have said before I am only in RAA to fly BUT I will never look at an alternative that has as much double talk as you put out. Keep it plain, keep it simple and you become
  4. Not sure about that Jet, on the rotax I thought rubber hoses got replaced at 5 years?
  5. Maybe BUT I wonder if you could end up increasing RLOC incidents due to looking at a screen and losing, even if for a second or two, that peripheral view?
  6. Welcome Breece! I don't know a lot about Tassie but there are some other members on here from there. [email protected]_d[/uSER] is the main one I can remember, he would be a good place to start to get some local knowledge/contacts. Enjoy the forum.
  7. I changed over to a helmet from my Zulus and it has much better passive noise reduction than the Zulus but not as good in the ANR side. I think with aircraft noise is always going to be a factor as insulating against it for our size aircraft isn't really viable so a good headset/helmet is a must.
  8. I never did enjoy English! Always enjoyed reading but it the rest of it. But having said that it seems you were very much hinting at someone maliciously hindering ELAAA you said So what organisation/s are you talking about?You later told Turbs something along the lines of it being fact.
  9. So are you saying it is RAA's fault that CASA is holding back? Maybe it was their fault that that Chinese satellite came down too? They probably introduced Barnaby to his mistress and no doubt they are sitting on the coordinates of MH370.......... Maybe I just read too much into it. I haven't ever been good at cryptic clues, but it does seem to me that RAA cops a lot of blame for a lot of stuff. And for the record I am in no way affiliated with RAA or the leaders thereof other than being a paid up member so I can fly.
  10. ?? Please expand Turbs.I am sure you know of grass strips so I am guessing you have a cryptic point to your question?
  11. Well how close was it to the strip? It is hard to tell from the camera angle I saw.
  12. If you seriously think that we, as RAA flyers, are as hard done by as allied POWs or even slightly comparable then I think you are in a different reality to me.
  13. Well it is a bit late to worry about the pilots feelings it seems he has already taken afence
  14. Some birds are cluey brutes! Grass seed will be ok BUT we used to have trouble when we were planting corn with cockatoos, we would plant the corn in rows about 2-3inches deep with the seeds around 4 inches apart and the cockies would find a row and then work their way along only digging a hole every four inches, they would dig out that seed and then move on and get the next one. I never really worked out how they knew where the seeds were but it was super frustrating as only a handful of cockies could clear a fair little patch in a short amount of time.
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