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  1. I have the Arlo cameras that don’t work off the mobile system and they are an awesome bit of gear. Perfect picture quality and the ability to watch in real time from anywhere with internet is a big plus. their units that are on the mobile system look to be just as good and I intend to get one before too long. I can certainly recommend Arlo as a good quality product.
  2. I have flown into Coolah a couple of times with our local aero club. I can’t remember what phone service was like on the ground. It is a nice enough strip to land on but is a fair way out of town. I would use it as a break stop but not as much a fuel stop. Depending on which way you were going Gunnedah or Quirindi or Coonabarabran may be better options. i am a local at Quirindi and am more than happy to chat about the different options if you like. My mobile is 0427 eight three six 582 regards Sam
  3. Not sure about that Jet, on the rotax I thought rubber hoses got replaced at 5 years?
  4. Welcome Breece! I don't know a lot about Tassie but there are some other members on here from there. [email protected]_d[/uSER] is the main one I can remember, he would be a good place to start to get some local knowledge/contacts. Enjoy the forum.
  5. I changed over to a helmet from my Zulus and it has much better passive noise reduction than the Zulus but not as good in the ANR side. I think with aircraft noise is always going to be a factor as insulating against it for our size aircraft isn't really viable so a good headset/helmet is a must.
  6. ?? Please expand Turbs.I am sure you know of grass strips so I am guessing you have a cryptic point to your question?
  7. Some birds are cluey brutes! Grass seed will be ok BUT we used to have trouble when we were planting corn with cockatoos, we would plant the corn in rows about 2-3inches deep with the seeds around 4 inches apart and the cockies would find a row and then work their way along only digging a hole every four inches, they would dig out that seed and then move on and get the next one. I never really worked out how they knew where the seeds were but it was super frustrating as only a handful of cockies could clear a fair little patch in a short amount of time.
  8. Also get one rated to take ethanol, even if you never buy anything other than premium or avgas
  9. If you have turned the engine off then I wouldn't worry about the pressure reading. My electric gauges do some weird things when switched off.
  10. But I guess the 100kgs wouldnt all be in one lump? But still haveing said that a half a kilo lump would still do some damage at that speed.
  11. Is it a mechanical gauge or an electric one Bruce?
  12. I thought it was just melted away to nothing? I thought a nice adjustable heat protecting capsule could be designed to let the stuff melt but then shield it so it wasn't all burnt up? It could then land with a nice load of ingots ready for their next life.
  13. Using solar power is silly, why not design a capsule that uses the heat of reentry to smelt it all on the way back? Done and dusted!
  14. https://www.scienceabc.com/innovation/how-does-turning-on-wifi-improve-the-location-accuracy-of-a-device.html That is well worth a read and explains the wifi helping location phenomenon. In short it has nothing to do with gps, most wifi points have location recorded on a google database and those that don't are automatically recorded if your device sees them and you have clicked I agree at the right time! At no time does your device have to connect to these wifi points to have this all happen. It is amazing and really scary all at the same time!!
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