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weather prediction for sydney basins APEC


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My weather prediction for the total time of all airspace restrictions during the APEC summit...


well, do you need predictions? , we all know that the weather will be mild temps, clear skies, Nill wind and a nice low level inversion layer meaning absolutely No turbulence......


oh well..



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Guest Graham Lea

But of course, this is Sydney basin.


Uhh... forecaste is actually:


westerlies 270@45g80 + HVY RAIN OR STRONG SUN.


YKAT east: seaweed/lizard **** and wing ripping off turb over all area above 5 meters. More on deck. Ensure contact with AISO at all times.


Sysnopsis: don't fly until Sep 11 or after.:-)





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Gents you all have it wrong the weather for Sydney is hot air rising off the benches with mild spray turning to spits during the heat of the day changing to wild wet windy evenings around the top end of William Street. Methane production will be at dangerous levels at all times throughout the duration of APEC summit.:big_grin:



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