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Terry's Thruster

Guest terry

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sorry I failed again to post a picture I think I'll give up. The problem I have is my Photos are too big to post and try if I might I can;t reduce them to 150kb



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side pod fairings


Dear Terry, I have a set of fairings and thought you may tell me how you went about fitting them. Seems that the fuselage needs to be hoisted off the floor to remove the wheel? I painted them black (red pod), will post a picture when all is assembled. Kind regards to all Thrusters, Don.



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Guest TOSGcentral



If you are having trouble with posting pics then first make sure you are in JPEG format and, if you have Photshop, run them down to small file size.


Alternatively (and this is what I do because it is so simple).


Open a word document and type up your post leaving a space where you want the pic.


Find Image Shack via your search browser. This is a free hosting service for images.


Once connected to Image Shack click on Browse and find the pic you want to post from your own files.


Click on "host it" on the Image Shack site and it will upload to them.


You then get a series of options. Click on thumbnails for forums etc then copy the entire URL given.


Go back to your Word document and paste in the URL at the appropriate place.


Now highlight and copy the entire document.


Open Rec Flying Forums and select new post or new thread depending what you are doing.


Paste in your copied Word document with the Image Shack URL already there.


Click on Preview Post and check the connection is working. If it is then press submit post and you are done.


This is simple and just about fool proof. I have sympathy with your plight because in my early days I found it very difficult to find out how to do a lot of things that are very simple because nobody would tell me in words that I could understand and follow.


Try it.







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Hi Don, Fitting the side fairings is in fact easier than first appears. What I did was jacked up one side of the plane to remove the wheel. How I did this was to cut a small piece of soft pine and placed it between the main axle beam and the fibreglass pod so as too not damage the pod. Then another piece of pine on the outside and the jack under that. Only jack it up enough to remove the wheel. Unbolt the wire bracings and wing struts and prop the end of the wing to carry the weight. At this point tie down, brace, prop, support, so that you have a safe working environment and away you go.


Cut the hole for the spring and fix it on. I used 3/16 s/s p/h bolt and nut because I like the look but you could use anything really poly thread and nuts cheap and light.


When your fitting them make sure they fit snugly before you start drilling holes, I did mine on my own but another pair of hands would have been helpful I also sealed mine with black silicone to stop any possible wind noise A couple of hours and I was finished. Looking forward to seeing some pics when your done.


Regards Terry.



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