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Turn Off damn you!

Guest Roger

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Guys - we have just replaced our Airmap 2000c with a new one and it seems like its frozen at startup - you know the part with the disclaimer on it!


Despite our best efforts we can only turn the sucker off by using the avionics master switch. The one on the GPS isnt doing the job. The other interesting part is behind the disclaimer screen there appears to be a message saying we have overzoomed the gps (if thats at all possible - well I spose it is). The funny thing is we have never got the thing past this point to zoom in.


Soooo at the risk of sounding particularly stupid what do you suggest I do?? (I know what I want to do but it could prove expensive! 068_angry.gif.cc43c1d4bb0cee77bfbafb87fd434239.gif



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My Airmap2000C some times does the same thing.


The way I fix my unit is to take out the SD card and then switch the unit on and let it start up all the way. It will come up to a blank map screen.


Switch off the unit and re insert the SD card and re start the unit.


This should fix the problem.


They tell me it is a map problem on the SD card and not the unit it self.





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Hi Roger


I could lend you my hand held multi-year old Magellan GPS 320.




It is still going strong and works well in plastic aeroplanes!




The interface is via RS232 at 1200 baud and it has been upgraded a couple of times.




I discovered on one of the upgrades that there was mountain near Whitton NSW that was some thousands of feet AMSL.




But don't worry it does not have terrain warning!







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Thanks Ross but its all good - Ianrats suggestion was followed by our Ian and like magic it works!


Thanks for your kind offer though ;)


and thanks to Ianrat for taking the time to post 018_hug.gif.8f44196246785568c4ba31412287795a.gif







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I thought I was alone with this issue! I too have had lots of issues with my handheld Airmap 600C handheld.


Similar symptoms - it locks on startup and enters a perpetual loop without settling down.


As explained earlier in some responses I too found that removing the SD card and then restarting and letting it settle itself it then finds itself and no worries.


This issue has occured when battery power is indicated as below 50%.


As described earlier in another mail, this issue has led me to lose confidence in the Lowrance range for navigation assistance and reversion to my old Garmin is the best and possibly the safest option.







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