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Have your Cheetah cake and fly it too


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Guest Flyer40

That's brilliant, what a cool sister. And happy birthday Ross.


My wife saw this and offered to make me a PC12 cake. Just gotta wait till June to get it. Thank your sister for the inspiration.



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Hi Ross


Happy birthday. A thoughtful gift from your well meaning sister.


But was it an authorised mod from the original design?


It reminds me of another such event where Glen McWilliam's wife took a pile of rocks which normally lay about on a hillside somewhere, to the Leeton Gliding Club lawn and turned it into an about 1960 built ES52 Mark IV Kookaburra, the type of rag and wood glider flown by the club at the time of the incident.


It has since been discovered many years later (they have passed on) that she had not had the appropriate paperwork for the new arrangement of the rocks so the model was destroyed! (It got in the road of the lawnmower.)


May you have many more memorable birthdays.





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