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Wheel Fairings

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I have just come across an RV 6 for sale. One of the photos had the caption: Pressue Recovery Wheel Fairing. Does anybody know what that's all about? I have never heard mention of such a thing.



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If in doubt, it's always best to GOOGLE. ;)


Basically (as I read it) this is a catch phrase hinting towards the wheel spats having some form of laminar flow around them, thereby creating less drag than their calculated frontal area, very popular with all the forumla one pilots.


You can even buy pressure recovery spinners (for pushers) which have the same reflexed shape at the rear.





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Perhaps you should consider buying this RV6 if you have a few spare dollars!


Once the 750 kg's gets approved they will sell like hotcakes at a very inflated price!


Owners of 150 / 152's must also be very excited right now.



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