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Landing on the Golf Course

Guest Bendorn

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I was a passenger the other day in a powered glider. We had taken off from his private strip about 30km away from my place and did some laps around my town. I happen to live across the road from a golf course and I said, as a joke, "I hope I didn't leave anything on the stove." To my amazement, he started to bank and was planning to land on the 9th fairway before I told him I was just kidding about.... (Course was closed.)


What are the rules for landing in public places and private property?





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and if it's a public place, such as a park / crown land, you'll need permission for that from the appropriate department. In Melbourne when we want to land the float plane on Albert Park Lake, then Parks Victoria are the authority. Crown land would probably be a little more complicated and require paperwork, risk asessment and insurance.



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