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Temora Today


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You couldn't have ordered a more perfect day for flying around Canberra today, light wind, nil cloud and temp in the high teens. Today's destination was Temora...as it seemed to be for half the GA fleet at Canberra...must've been something to do with the special visitors that would be there today.


As happens a reasonably regularly, the Temora Aviation Museum had some special visitors from the RAAF, this weekend it was 3 Hornets from 2OCU at RAAF Williamtown...and we weren't going to miss that!


We departed Canberra at about 9.45 and were the last of about 10 aircraft heading Canberra-Temora this morning. Lifting off into the clear blue sky, we climbed to 6500' for the 45 minute flight. As we approach Burrinjuck there's a bit of low cloud around but it's below us and patchy, after 5 minutes we're past it and back to clear skies all the way to Temora. At 15nm we commence our descent into Temora, ATC advise a traffic alert to all aircraft inbound to Temora as there's 6 aircraft due in the circuit area at about the same time. As we approach and join circuit the other pilots are all displaying great airmanship and we all manage to get into circuit and on the ground without any dramas and are guided to parking by some of the many friendly and helpful volunteers that make the Temora flying days so great.


After chatting to those parked around us (we were parked between a couple of RVs) it's off to the museum to eat, drink, view all the aircraft on display and talk the ears off those Hornet pilots. Despite pilots at this level having being percieved as arrogant etc. these guys are pretty down to earth and happy to chat to anyone about anything, this was my experience today and most other occasions.


So after hours of walking, talking, eating and drinking it's time to head home. The weather is not that different for the trip home, light wind and no cloud. We depart and climb to 7500' where we pick up a nice tailwind which will make the trip home about 40 minutes. It's very quiet on the radio as we approach Canberra and get our clearance. As we track inbound there's the odd RPT flight taking off or landing but not as much traffic as you'd expect on such a perfect day. As we approach the field we track overhead Black Mountain Tower then overhead Old Parliament House positioning for a left base to RWY35. We touch down with possibly one of the smoothest landings I've done in the CT4 - Kaz didn't even realise we were on the ground ;).


Attached are some pics from the day, might put a few more in the competition thread...there's a few really good ones.



















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Guest Fred Bear

Nice pics and report Matt. I like the old with the new shot :) I'm a huge Hornet fan myself...I know about those gentle, perfect landings mate and rest assured when you pull one like that off at The Oaks nobody is ever there to see it 068_angry.gif.cc43c1d4bb0cee77bfbafb87fd434239.gif



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