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Has anyone seen any reports on the new DC X11 ENC headsets - see below.


Weight looks reasonable at a bit over 12 ozs.


Price is $US, not Skippy.


See http://www.davidclark.com/X11/index.htmlfor details on features.


Regards Geoff



All David Clark headsets come with a FIVE YEAR Warranty and include a free nylon padded headset bag.




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<TD width="84%">David Clark X-11</TD></TR>




<TD width="84%">Price:$799.00</TD></TR>




<TD width="84%">Shipping early August</TD></TR></T></T></T></TABLE>


Imagine a headset so comfortable you may forget you're even wearing it-even during long hours of flight. A headset with comfortable features that fit so perfectly, you'll think it was designed for you personally. A headset made from new, handcrafted materials that refuse to sacrifice lightweight comfort while providing long term durability. A headset that is backed by unprecedented customer service and support. Now imagine it's yours, the new X-11 ENC from David Clark.




<LI>Intelligently engineered, low force, dual hinge suspension assembly provides perfect fit


<LI>Super lightweight headband, crafted from genuine carbon fiber for maximum strength


<LI>Low-profile volume control knobs with detent settings


<LI>Modern design provides compact storage


<LI>New dual voice coil ENC technology reduces pilot fatigue


<LI>Features cell phone, aux./music input-all cables provided


<LI>Sleek, lightweight control unit powered by two AA batteries(avg. 30 hours)-Auto Shutoff capability


<LI>High fidelity stereo ear phones with dual volume controls


<LI>Super soft, fabric faced, contoured gel ear seals


<LI>Every X-11 headset comes with DC headset bag


<LI>Weighs 12.1 ounces </LI>





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Guest Guest

Looks good but that was also the case with the early lightspeeds ( made in China and gave heaps of problems) - need to wait and see how they perform after being in use for a while.


Generally theseitems should be considered:


Battery life ?


Weight of the battery pack - can damage headset cords over a period of time


Auto shutoff ?- easy to forget to switch off unit


Panel Mount version of the X11


How much for the panel mount version ? - usually very expensive


Can you switch headset between panel mount version and battery pack if wanting to use the headset in other aircraft ?





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Guest Guest

and if you have one of those bodgy transponder antennas under you seat then microwaves at both ends mean you're toastsmiley36.gif





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Hi All


Well i now have my DC X11 Headset. Don't ask me how much they cost because it was my birthday present from my lovely Wife and she won't tell me.


But i can tell you what i think of them. GREAT HEADSET...! Light, comfortable and do the job very well. My phone even works with them. The battery pack is very light unlike some others. My MIL has a bose which i have used on occasion and the DC is even more comfortable in my opinion. Time will tell but so far so good.




Ed Ed Herring



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