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Transponder Calibration


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It's time (overtime) to have my Microair transponder biannual calibration check-up.


Can anyone suggest someone who can do this that's within cooee of Cooma? From my research, I can find only Regional Aviation Services at Wagga who want the CT for 3 hrs and charge $340 for the pleasure.


(Imagine if we all have to fit ADS-B ;))


Thanks in advance,





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Guest pelorus32

Hi Paul,


you could try:


Dave Sinclair


Lead Avionics LAME


Capital Aircraft Services


Phone 02 4256 3777


I don't know what they charge. However I do know that Dave is a very reliable and straightforward guy in all my dealing with him.


They are over at the Illawarra regional airport or something. Let us know how you go.







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Paul, try Rex and Lewis at Merimbula Aircraft Maintenance, 02 6495 1296 / 0408 138 409. Very competitive hourly rate (about $60 from memory) and we've been very happy with his service over the past 3 years for both the Sportstar and the CT4.







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Mine cost me $110 at Simpson Avionics at Moorabbin, now they are operating as Blue Deamon I think. they just plugged in the unit to the aerial out of the unit. It took around 30 seconds. If they want to bench test it and spend ages I'd try and shop somewhere else.



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Guest Andys@coffs

I think the biannual review has 2 aspects to it, transponder transmission signal quality is one thing, the other is the mode C alt encoder. For that to be tested will take much more than 30 seconds. It requires a NATA lab certified Suck and blow machine (or whatever the civilian equivalent machine name is) to be connected to the static port. If you are going to do that may as well test the integrity of the pitot system at the same time and validate the ASI accuracy I would have thought.


Not something that you can do without the gear. The AmeriKing encoder, which I think is probably the most common encoder used with the microair T2000, has a low and a high adjustment. The low adjust also affect the high and vice versa so it can take a bit of mucking around by the tradesman to set up. Given that in effect the altimeter air pressure circuit (static) is being tested you probably should also set your Altimeter to 1013mb and ask the tradesmen to tell you what the altimeter display errors were, if any at the reference low and high test point altitudes. Once you understand what the error is you can either have him fix, or if trying to save a few $ do it yourself once you understand what adjustment is needed.


Anyone disagree?





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I agree with that however best off getting them to do the adjustment whilst the machine is plugged in to your aircraft. Not much point trying to adjust yourself as they do it frequently and know how much to turn the screws. If your encoder static attachment and aerial attachments are easily accessible for adjustment it will be a quick job. I have a Collins TDR950 and AmeriKing encoder. Mine did literally take 30 seconds to test!


The suck and blow machine you speak of in my case was a partable unit the size of a briefcase, allegedly worth $20k!


I just remembered that for my $110 I actually got the power knob spring repaired and the unit tested and tagged, so possibly expect a lower price than what I paid.



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