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SAAA Fly In @ Cowra - From Qld


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I know Darren has already posted a trip report for this fly-in, but my trip was rather different & somewhat longer.


I departed Maryborough Qld about 8.30 am Wednesday 17th. First leg was M'bro-Kingaroy-Dalby-Goondiwindi-Moree. Battling a headwind all the way this took 3.2 hours of tacho time. Refuelling at Moree my biggest concern was the flies. There were so many I was worried about them getting into the fuel tanks:angry:.


Leaving Moree I climbed into some of the roughest air I have flown in yet, still with a healthy headwind ( you will notice this becomes a theme for my trip ). 2.1 hours later I land in Dubbo for a late lunch with my Mum. Another top up of fuel and it was off to Temora.


With the headwind increasing along the way 1.6 hours later I arrive at Temora with a Tecnam Sierra and a Saphire in the circuit. While tying down for the night the Skylark as usual attracted the attention of a few locals.


Wednesday night there was a gathering at Carol Richards place with a fine feed and lots of pilot talk. A mix up with the caravan I had booked saw me dossing down on the floor at Carol's.


Thursday I attended a seminar presented by Bob Llewellyn covering design factors, choices of materials, load analysis, stability analysis and practical requirements of LSA aircraft. This was both fascinating and educational. During the seminar I was teased by the sounds of the DH Vampire whistling around the skies. Thankfully it made it's third flight of the day after the seminar while I could actually watch.:)


Thursday night we got the caravan thing sorted. Dinner was at a pub in town with several other pilots.


Friday saw me up with the sparrow's, getting all the smashed bugs off the Skylark and prepparing for the short hop over to Cowra. Taking off I headed for Cowra, again punching into about 10 knots in my face. This lasted until I crossed a range about 15 mile out of Cowra, then just as I started a cruise descent at 130knots indicated I picked up 20 knots from behind:clap:. This was the first time I have seen 151 knots ground speed on my GPS!!!!!!:ah_oh:.


Friday and Saturday were spent at Cowra talking to lots of people about the Skylark and getting RSI in my arms from flicking the flies away continuely.


Got to watch Darren go for his spin in the RV and get thrown around a bit - lucky bugger!


Sunday saw me doing a short hop over to Dubbo to spend the night with family.


Monday I logged 3.5 hours flying out to Nyngan to take a guy for a flight in the Skylark. This trip was conducted IFR ( I follow roads ). It was hard work to stick to with the road through all the bends ( only one between Narromine & Nyngan ;) ). I was surprised to see a CT with Rec flying forum logos ( Ian's first one I think ) sitting on the Tarmac at Nyngan looking lonely. Back to Dubbo for another night with family, again this flight was quite rough and with lots of thermal activity.


Tuesday morning departed Dubbo for Port Macquarie via Scone. This flight was through what was to prove the smoothest air of the trip and a cross wind.


Arriving at Port Mac I was greeted by the members of the aero club there with much interest in the Skylark. Then it was demo flights for the three instructors, Bob, Adam and George. Also took Gregg Faulkner ( proud owner of the famous Sportstar "Dimples" ) for a burn. During the flight with Adam, Gregg brought Dimples up to follow us around a bit, wish I had a camera for that.


I was somewhat surprised by the hostility shown by Gregg when Adam & I were back-tracking causing Gregg to go missed approach. As Gregg was flying towards us he anounced on the radio " Switching to Guns "!!!!!!!:ah_oh:;);)


Total flying for the day was 5.1 hours of tacho time.


Gregg's aggression was forgiven when he very kindly gave me a bed for the night, and dinner was with Gregg, Sue and George at a great Thai restaurant with lots more pilot talk.


Wednesday finally saw me climb into the Skylark to head for home. Again this was another great flight, albeit battling a headwind all the way. Leaving Port Mac I tracked coastal until forced to go inland around Coffs Harbour and Evans Head airspace. Coastal again until reaching Gold Coast airspace, inland again around that then low level along the beach at Surfers Paradise, up the outside of Stradbroke and Morton Islands and into Caboolture for some fuel.


The last leg was Caboolture-Gympie-Maryborough.


Finally put the Skylark back into the hangar after seven days and 22.5 hours of flying. What a fantastic week!


Now it is time to plan a short trip to Dalby this weekend and then the trip to Echuca the week after:):):).







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