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Hi Crew


I have not been active on the J160 kit as I came back from Sydney with a lung infection that is slowing me down more than normal.


But I thought to offer the information that I eventually found after getting a new pair of multi-focus glasses on 30 April 2007 after a cataract operation. I asked for safety glass because of the damage I was getting to my glasses from sanding and handling the epoxy and acetone used in the kit construction.


However the optometrist suggested they would be too thick & heavy and still be subject to scratching etc.


She suggested Poly Carbonate as being not affected by acetone and still having a good refractive index to give reasonably thin and therefore not as heavy as lenses made in glass.


So below is a pic of those glasses after six months & $Aus327 for the prescription lenses not including the frames. They have very minor scratch marks on them which have not shown in the photo and I can barely see the few very shallow scratches using a set of reading glasses.




It is certainly a big improvement on the damage that the original glasses were suffering.





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Guest pelorus32

Hi Ross,


this is pretty interesting. I use tri-focal lenses and you can't get those in polycarbonate. When I tried I was told that only Progressive Adaptive Lenses (the multi-focals without the lines across them) came in ploycarbonate. I use my peripheral vision a lot so I didn't want the distortion that you get with the PAL glasses away from the area of focus.


BTW I've found that tri-focals are the bees knees. I have the lowest segment set for reading and the panel direct in front; the middle segment set for the far side of the panel and the rest of the glasses for distance. You don't notice the lines at all as long as you take some care in setting the location and in adjusting the glasses once you get them. The lenses are just the normal resin. I would have loved polycarbonate but alas...


I have one pair with anti-reflective coating and one without. The coating is a great big pain. The slightest bit of grease or skin oil and they get smeared and they are really hard to clean. The un-coated ones are quite OK to use and don't suffer the cleaning problems.







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Glasses are amazing. I use the el-cheapo one from the chemist as they suit my sight and they last for years. I had prescription glasses years ago and they got scratched easily, also the frames didn't last. I used to wear safety glasses for work and they were scratched beyond use in about 2 months. Is seems to me that the more glasses cost the sooner they deteriorate.


I fly without glasses except that I need them to read a map. That is a pain trying to get them on while wearing a headset. The only thing to prevent these problems is to not grow old, but I have got past that



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