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"Kite with a lawnmower Engine on it."


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How many times have we heard this one?


Living in a small country community and flying a Trike -quite a lot!! .Plus "peanut under a razorblade", "Sky-lifter" or the more suspicious "what are you doing up there?".


Suggestion:- Fit a UHF Radio in addition to your VHF and set it to Channel 20.


Make sure it is set to a maximum of threequarter volume of VHF[to be given priority at all times] and be aware that this channel is often used for Rural Fire Service [N.S.W.] and see how many locals respond.


I have found that this interaction between myself and people on the ground has


added a big [and positive] interest in recreational aviation in my locality.


Small [1 watt or less] UHF Radios with VOX capability can be easily spliced [by your friendly local electronics wiz] to a standard Microlight Comms. System.


During flight I have spoken to persons aged from 12 to 70+ and have been told of many others listening-in . One man even commented that "you should be able to charge for that - it's special" [Vicarious flight at it's best?]


I suppose that this contravenes some flight rule, so could someone please advise me as to whether I should stop or not ?




Man's oldest dream is flight,


His oldest fascination is fire,


oldest fear is becoming food.


[Watch your EGT on climbout or it may bite you]



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Hi allowera


Where is Tanja? Somewhere in NSW at a guess!


I don't think there is a problem with using a UHF while flying, even have my telepnone and MP3 hooked in as well! I believe you are not meant to interfer with aircraft comms, as you have it spliced in and you can still hear VHF, should be of no problem.


Cheers Guy



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Thanks Guy ,


Tanja is located far south coastal NSW approx 16 Nm north of YMER.


An MP3, there's a thought. I could broadcast that out through the UHF as well.


Hmmmm. I wonder how the local cocky's would react to heavy metal???


On second thoughts, perhaps not.


Happy landings, Paul.



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