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Hoxton, Culburra and return.


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This sunday passed, another airborne adventure, today was a trip from YHOX, to Cullburra beach to get some airial shots of the new place that i live, Orient Point.



Just a quick glimps of the map.



Lining up on runway 34 at Hoxton park.



Weather in the syd basin was scattered at 3500ft, this was pretty correct, but the cloud base lowered considerably along the escarpment, overhead Wedderburn in this shot.



Cloud and ground getting closer, fortunatly there were a few holes in the cloud to allow passage without breaking miniumum seperation from said cloud.



Still looking for a gap, though fortunatly the line of cloud was no more than 1 km thick, and broken.



Found a suitable gap, the line of cloud was thinner than it appeared! on the otehr side was the south coast looking towards Wollongong, though caution was needed in the area as people were throwing themselves out of servicable aircraft overhead wollongong, so i tracked a few miles off the coast to give the meat bombs room to fall.



cloud line along the escarpment looking north to Hang glider heaven.



same point looking south to Wollongong.



coming back to the coast aproaching lake illawarra, east of Wollongong airport.



Wollongong about 10 miles to the west quite a lot of activity was going on here in the CTAF, even though i was no where near the airfield, i still made position reports ust to ensure everyone knew where i was and wouldnt be a problem.



The Kiama bends, some of the best bits of road in the country, especially in a little red sports car, with no other traffic!



the town of Gerroa, fortunatly all the tourist from Syd stop at Gerringong and leave the beach pretty much deserted all year round, though the beach is plenty long enough, 12 miles the sign says.



The Shoalhaven river mouth. Culburra beach, orient Point and Greenwell point near the horizon.



Orient Point.



Orient Point closer to the camera, and Culburra Beach in the background, a great place to live, though sadly a 2 hrs drive to any usable airfields by me :(



On return i took a direct route from Overhead Jaspers brush to Hoxton park, still cloud hung low over the escarpment.



Overhead YWOL, Wollongong. cant see any CT4's down there!



Crossing the escarpment again, have to find another gap in the cloud, again.



back over higher ground heading towards wedderburn again, though this time i noticed all the dams in the area are full! woronora dam, full, cataract dam, full.



some still had water flowing over the spillways! and what does the govt tell us the water levels are at again? better keep the restrictions in place, just in case. but dont mention the revenue from increased water prices!


the rest of the trip was uneventful, until on short final to runway 34 at hoxton park, nd a near mid air collison, but thats another story currently being investigated.


while im here i will dedicate this flight to those who never returned during WW1


lest we forget.



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