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Am I legal to fly?


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I've just had a cataract removal and lense replacement operation to my left eye but have to wait a month before I can get a new prescription for specs. Best vision without specs in 40 years however, both my drivers licence and ga medical certificate state that I must wear specs or contact lenses. The doc says I'm right to drive. Has anyone had this experience and am I legal to fly:;)5:



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Commiserations for a frustrating time ahead for a while.


I had a similar experience for the right eye earlier this year and will probably have to do the left one in 2008 or 2009. My optometrist did not diagnose my right eye cataract early so that at least one previous new set of glasses was a complete waste of money and a very frustrating time until I worked out that the problem must be a cataract .


Then it took another almost six months before I could get another appointment, then a referral to the specialist in Wagga and then be scheduled for the lens implant day surgery operation and the new glasses test a month later at least and then wait for the glasses to come a fortnight later! A real test of patience!


It seems that even the specialist will recommend delaying doing anything about it until it is well developed. A possible reason is that there are some failures of the operation but usually something like 90 to 95% success.


My solution was to just wait for the month to get the new glasses before flying because the eye takes that long or longer to settle down. I found I could drive quite safely with no glasses to start with but it would be illegal! without an RTA eye test I presume. So wearing my current glasses at the time just made my eyesight worse!


My experience was a bit frustrating as I ordered Poly Carbonate "glasses" as they are resistant to Acetone (building a J160) and less susceptible to scratching than previous glasses I have owned.


I had to wait a bit longer, then as the optometrist staff sent the wrong prescription to do the lenses so they had to be done again. That was about March or April 2007 and I am due for another check up in Wagga early December.


I suspect the left eye cataract has deteriorated some more and the right eye with the new lens implant has changed a bit.


The right eye implant lens has a UV filter built in and a slight blue filter which gives a noticeable reduction in glare off the road & sky when driving into the sun from Wagga to Leeton.


The eye surgeon recommended the permanent wearing of "Fitover" sunglasses (about $50) when outside the house which I find hard to do although I will usually wear them on hot sunny days but they tend to give you early dusks unless you remember to take them off!


The polarising "Fitovers" seem to be a big improvement on most other cheap sunglasses that I have worn. I only clean them by rubbing with fingers under running water and then drying with a very fluffy rag to reduce the risk of scratching.


Rubbing with a brand new handkerchief is not recommended. There are pilot versions of the "Fitover" glasses that I was not aware of at the time I bought them.





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Thanks Peter,thats what I was hoping to hear but suspect that it may not be strictly legal without rta eye test. Unfortunatley Ross I think you may be right, will check with casa but I had my right eye done 3 yrs ago but was towing gliders at the time and don't recall missing a beat. Like you I used a polaroid snap on with the right lens missing at that time but my left eye at that time was my best "distance" eye. Seems more of an issue this time although I have been driving with sunnies only and feel more comfortable than I have for a long time. Actually hoping I won't have to wear glasses. Regards Ian.



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