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Old timers might know?

Guest ozzie

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would anyone from the "good ol days" happen to remember the diameter and pitch that was used on the Victa 160cc direct drive engines.


maybe someone may have a prop and hub laying around?


thanks ozzie



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G'Day ozzie,


Never had much to do with the Victa's, but I was playing around with a couple of 144cc Kirby (Tecumsah?) twostrokes back in the old days, carving my own props.


Just dug one out of the dust in the back of my shed, and I'd marked it as a 32x15.


My first ones were 30x10's, but would unload fairly easy.


A lot depends on what your application is, something draggy and you could be looking around the above numbers.


Something like a small motor glider and you would be up more like 32x20?


Just a note, I tried using the Kirby's as pushers (two, side by side on an EF-5 trike!) and found that thrust load on the crank seemed to flex the shaft causing it to go out of round and vibrate pretty bad, tractor use is not so bad.





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thanks for that bit of info, i think from memory some of those old kirby engines just ran the crank on the case with no bearings, so there would not be much support.





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I have heard that these particular Kirby's were almost Mccollough(?) clones having a one piece alloy case and barrel with a steel sleeve.


The crank is forged and has a 'split' big end with needle rollers and i'm sure it had roller races at each end of the main shaft.


Not a bad engine I thought, just needed a bit of porting and a bigger carb.


A tuned pipe would be nice too....




ps, I'm sure I've posted this before?





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Maybe it is the briggs and stratton that don't have the bearings.


Be handy if i could fond cliff van pragg as he played with a few victas.


that photo looks like the same model i have to rebuild. what pumper carb model is on it?





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