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Hi guys..and some questions??


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Hi there..Just signed up with this forum thisarvo..looks like a great place and a good bunch of people..I obtained my Licence(cert) in august and have since logged quite a few hours in a j160 flying mostly out of camden..I am on my way (hopefully) to a cpl. I intend to gain an ultral;ight instructor rating to help me with the hours needed..


I do have a question..Does anyone know of a school in or around the sydney area that hires out the new J230 model..Im planning a trip to Queensland soon and would like a few knotts extra speed for obvious reasons.. The school i hire from charges $126 p/h +gst for the 160 with glass cockpit.. The jab specs say it will cruise at 100kts, but have seldom got it to cruise at over 90kts, without overburning fuel and over revving the engine..


Any info would be greatly appreciated..


Anyway, hi again...





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The J160 will do, does and should do 100kts TAS. Should burn 15LPh at the same time.


Do not know who has a J230 but here again it will and should be flown at TAS of 120, will be sucking around 23LPH.


Dont forget as a rough estimate IAS plus 2kts per 1000' = TAS


The 230 will certainly carry a lot more a lot faster!;)





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thanx for the reply..I kn ow the Jab should do 100kts...but 4785 doesn't do it..the only way to get 100kts is to set the throttle to about 2950 which burns around 20 l/h..and even then it only wants to do about 90 to 95 tas..I thought it may be a callibration problem with the glass pid, but the whizwheel confirms as does the backup ASI..its quite fruistrating..


thanx again



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VK makes a valid point from a legal weight point of view, I do forget that being in VH rego.


Sounds like your J160 is rigged up poorly, with wings at odd angles or aileron and flap drag.


Have seen one factory built J160 at YCAB where the horiz stab is visibly a long way from parallel with the rest of the universe:black_eye:





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Merv the composer,


Props make a big difference on the Jabs, or most aircraft for that matter. The J160 tends to suffer from rather poor climb compared to the older LSA55 model due to having extra weight but the same engine. The aircraft owner may well have fitted a "climb" prop rather than a "cruise" prop. ie: The prop is a finer pitch, so it's like driving your car in fourth gear instead of overdrive. Better acceleration, but more revs and thus fuel burn for the same speed.



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I think you'll find that the J160 will carry as much as the J230.


J160 empty weight - 300kg MTOW 540kg = 240kg payload


J230 empty weight - 360kg MTOW 600kg = 240kg payload




to get 100 knots out of a J160 requires around 3050 rpm





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What sort of rate of climb do you get? That should give you some indication as to whether you have a climb or cruise prop. Also remember that up the top end of the speed range, power required, hence fuel consumption, is a bit more than proportional to speed squared if you look at the drag curve.





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