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Why I am a pilot.


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Why I am a pilot


A 65 year old man went to the doctor for his Class II exam and the doctor was amazed at what good shape the guy was in.


The doctor asked, "To what do you attribute your good health?"


The old timer said, "I'm a helicopter pilot and that's why I'm in such good shape. I 'm up well before daylight, climb all over the helicopter doing my preflight inspection, flying all day, etc."


The doctor said, "Well, I'm sure that helps, but there's got to be more to it. How old was your dad when he died?"


The old timer said, "Who said my dad's dead?"


The doctor said, "You mean you're 65 years old and your dad's still alive? How old is he?"


The old timer said, "He's 84 yrs old and, in fact, he built and flies his own ultralight airplane and he went flying with me this morning. That's why he's still alive... he's a pilot too!"


The doctor said, "Well, that's great, but I'm sure there's more to it. How about your dad's dad? How old was he when he died?"


The old timer said, "Who said my grandpa's dead?"


The doctor said, "You mean your dad is 84 years old and his father is still living! How old is he?"


The old timer said, "Grandpa is 102 years old and he was a pilot too."


The doctor was getting frustrated at this point and said, "I guess he went flying with you this morning too?"


The old timer said, "No...Grandpa couldn't go this morning because he just got married and he's on his honeymoon."


The doctor said in amazement, "Got married!! Why would a 102-year-old guy want to get married?"


The old timer said, "Who said he wanted to? thats just one of the problems when you join the mile high club" ;)



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